17th January 2013

How to help your child prepare for the new school year

Getting ready for a new school year can be daunting. To make the process a little easier, we've provided some tips to help you prepare your child for the new year.

09th January 2013

How to choose a primary school

Choosing a primary school can be difficult, especially if it is the first time you are making a decision about your child's education.

18th December 2012

Top-five schooling systems goal in doubt after international tests

Results of international reading, mathematics and science tests have shown that Australia's education standards are falling behind international benchmarks.

22nd November 2012

When should children start school?

Every now and then, questions arise about the right age for children to start school. Some worry about the best age for primary school entry, others about the maturity level required before children can (or should) progress to secondary school.

08th November 2012

How to help your child prepare for secondary school

If your child is getting ready to make the move to secondary school, there are a few things you can do to ensure a smooth transition.

22nd October 2012

Children and social media

In light of negative publicity concerning children's social media use, it's important that you get acquainted with some of the risks involved and ensure that your child understands how to use social media safely.

22nd August 2012

What is VET in Schools?

Long gone are the days when getting a vocational education meant 'dropping out' of school before Year 12. These days, students can complete Vocational Education and Training (VET) as part of their senior secondary certificate.

22nd August 2012

2012-13 federal budget education initiatives

The announcement of the 2012-13 federal budget has seen a number of funding initiatives for Australian education, many of which will directly benefit families with children in school.

22nd August 2012

Australian Curriculum update

With the first phase of the Australian Curriculum underway, read on for an update of what's been happening in 2012.

04th July 2012

Victorian schools not meeting gifted students' needs

The Victorian Parliament's Education and Training Committee released an inquiry into the education of gifted and talented students in late June. The committee found that, in its current state, gifted education is lacking in four main areas.

06th June 2012

What to do if your child is unhappy at school

Like adults in the workplace, it's important to remember that your child will not always be happy at school... whether due to academic pressures, issues within friendship groups or inadequate support from teaching staff.

21st May 2012

Concerns over NAPLAN testing

With NAPLAN testing over for the year, opposition against the testing regime continues.

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