28th July 2011

Maths and science initiatives to be cut

Victoria's $57 million maths and sciences coaches program will be discontinued at the end of the year as part of the $441 million in cuts to be made to the education budget over the next four years.

28th July 2011

Cyber bullying in schools

Schools, parents and children in Melbourne and across the country are struggling to deal with the effects of cyber bullying.

28th July 2011

Australian Government review of school funding

Schools across Australia are set for change as a result of the current Review of Funding for Schooling, the first comprehensive review that the nation has undergone since 1973.

01st May 2011

2010 NAPLAN results released

The results from the 2010 national literacy and numeracy tests (NAPLAN), conducted across Australia in May last year, have been released.

29th April 2011

iPads in Victorian secondary schools

The Victorian Government is trialing Apple's iPad in a number of schools to gauge how tablet technology impacts on students, teachers and parents.

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