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06th February 2018

Using technology: Keeping your child safe

Children need to be aware of how to use technology in a responsible manner. 

06th February 2018

The positives of social media

What good can come out of students using social networking sites?

02nd February 2018

The essential back to school checklist

School returns in less than two weeks, so it's time to get sorted.

01st February 2018

TALI Health Tackling Attention Difficulties with the Latest Technology and Research

TALI Train is a cognitive training program proven to improve childhood attention and learning outcomes, with exercises designed by neuroscientists. 

15th December 2017

Give your kids the gift of STEM

Your Christmas shopping stress is over.

06th December 2017

Keep your kids busy in Melbourne these school holidays

The Victorian capital has plenty to offer children of all ages.

24th November 2017

Money talks: Teaching your child about budgeting

Educate your kids about being sensible with their hard earned. 

13th November 2017

A parent's guide to Year 12 exams

Cramming isn't the only solution when it comes to exams.

01st November 2017

Help your child through their Year 12 exams

Give your child the best possible chance to prosper during their Year 12 exams with our helpful advice!

26th September 2017

Is boarding right for your child?

The decision to send your child to boarding school is a complex one and there are plenty of different aspects to consider when deciding if boarding is the right call. 

27th April 2017

How to build good study habits

There are plenty of methods to improve how you study. 

23rd March 2017

Uni Fact Sheet: Scholarships

Scholarships are a great way to offset financial stress during university. 

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