28th September 2020

Six reasons to study the International Baccalaureate (IB)

Here are six reasons why students are choosing to study the IB over the VCE.

Parents and kids sitting in loungeroom watching tv together

23rd September 2020

Virtual excursions for the whole family

Here are some virtual interactive tours that can help stop the COVID-boredom.

Young girl in yellow shirt at a desk with a notebook looking stressed

17th September 2020

A student's guide to handling stress and staying focused at school

It's normal to feel stressed from school. Here are some tips to stay focused.

27th August 2020

Remote teaching and learning, Round 2

At the beginning of Term 2, we faced the challenge of shifting our entire curriculum to an online platform.

25th August 2020

11 screen-free activities for kids

Don’t let too much screen time take over for your little ones. Try these creative screen-free activity ideas for kids and enjoy unplugging with your family.

Teenagers using social media on their iPhone device

19th August 2020

Parents’ guide to social media in 2020

Your questions answered about Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Houseparty, Twitch and Discord.

10th August 2020

Student Stories: Balancing school with extra-curricular activities

Is a school-work-extracurriculars-social life balance even possible? 

One make and two female teenagers smiling and laughing while the male uses a phone

27th July 2020

Everything you need to know about teenagers – and more

Teens 101 tackles drugs, social media, sex, mental health and respect.

side view of teenage girl reading a book while sitting in a library

22nd July 2020

Student Stories: How the pandemic has changed my outlook on life after high school

What happens when your plans for a gap year in Italy go out the window? One student explains.

16th July 2020

The best online resources for primary-school children

With education in 2020 meandering towards online programs and courses, it can be difficult for parents to locate appropriate websites for their

Mother and young son sitting on the floor smiling at each other

09th July 2020

How to raise mindful kids

If you want to know how to raise mindful children, these tips are a great place to start.

23rd June 2020

5 educational podcasts for primary kids

Here are some of our favourite educational podcasts for kids.

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