07th October 2015

21st century learning for girls

What is innovative learning? What's the difference between the 20th and 21st century learning style? In 2015, we as teachers and parents need to understand, acknowledge and act on the different ways in which today's kids learn.

22nd September 2015

A parent guide to university offers

If your child is one of the thousands of students awaiting a tertiary place, let us address your concerns.

22nd September 2015

New online opportunities for Australian students

Online education is expanding in Australia, with a host of new opportunities available to students at secondary level.

22nd September 2015

Assisting your child with university course preferences

As a parent, you play a vital role in supporting your child and helping them through the course preference period.

09th September 2015

Five great reasons for your child to consider VCAL

Introduced in 2002, VCAL offers hands-on training and a great pathway into work for a wide range of students.

08th September 2015

Workforce automation to hit young Australians over next decade

Research from the Foundation for Young Australians has revealed that almost two thirds of Australian students are training for jobs that won't exist or are set to change drastically in the future.

13th August 2015

St Luke's looks beyond technology to redefine relevance

St Luke's is able to provide consistency to students, both academically and behaviourally, as they transform from children to young men and women, ready to take their place in the world.

10th August 2015

Are single-sex schools better than coeducational schools?

While the vast majority of Australian schools are coeducational, single-sex schooling is a popular choice for many families. We present some of the latest news on gendered schooling in Australia.

16th July 2015

Queensland to benefit from significant education spend in state budget

Education is a clear winner in the Queensland Budget 2015-16, with $12.4 billion in funding provided for the vocational sector, schools and the teaching profession.

16th July 2015

Let our students inspire you at KRB

Kincoppal-Rose Bay School is a leading Catholic independent school with more than 130 years of experience in 'educating hearts and minds'.

09th July 2015

Is university the right choice for your child?

While university is certainly an end goal for many, it's important to discuss tertiary options with your child and whether university is a path they'd like to pursue.

24th June 2015

New South Wales Budget provides funding for schools and TAFEs

The New South Wales 2015-16 Budget has been released, with a heavy focus on new infrastructure and services. Here are some of the highlights for families and students.

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