Scholarships are available in all school sectors and are a wonderful reward for high-achieving students and those who could not afford to attend the school without financial help. Scholarships at fee-paying schools may cover all or part of the tuition fees, or offer a cash amount, over one or several years. Government school scholarships provide funds for books, equipment and other costs associated with schooling.

Many scholarships offered by schools are internal, which means they are for students already enrolled at the school. Therefore, a student may have to spend some years in a particular school before he or she is eligible. Some start in middle school, others in Year 11. While scholarships can provide assistance with schooling costs, they should not be viewed as a basis on which to choose a secondary school.

Since conditions such as eligibility, amount offered per year, length of support and the number of scholarships offered per year vary significantly between schools, you will need to ask each school for the exact details about their scholarships program.

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