Pathways to further study

If your child really wants to pursue a course at TAFE or university but they are worried about missing out, there are other pathways that can boost their chances of entry.

TAFE and university pathways include:

  • Foundation and preparatory programs ” These courses, offered at universities and colleges, allow students to build their qualifications for university through a one-year course. They often lead straight into a related TAFE or university course, and may offer study credit.
  • VET to higher education transfer Students who get into a VET course can often progress to a related higher education course if they do well, usually with credit.
  • Different institutions and campuses ” Not all institutions and campuses have the same entry requirements, so make sure your child reviews their options and applies for courses at a range of institutions and campuses.
  • Different courses If your child has their heart set on a field that is difficult to enter (such as law), they may want to apply for similar courses with lower entry requirements (such as legal studies or general humanities) as a back-up. They can usually transfer courses later, provided their marks are strong.
  • Special entry Financial and other disadvantage suffered during schooling may be taken into account in the admissions process, so be sure to explore the special entry schemes offered by each institution.

More information about career options

The key resource for exploring career options with your child is The Good Careers Guide, which includes hundreds of job descriptions, information about education pathways and career exploration tools.

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