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Advances in information technology have led to the expansion of distance education opportunities in Australia. A wide selection of Australian qualifications can now be completed from the convenience of home.

What is distance education?

Distance education and learning programs allow international students to obtain an Australian education while studying in their own country. They may also have the option of combining study at home with some study in Australia. All study materials are made available to students through internet resources, email and/or postal services.

Higher education (university) institutions at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers all offer distance education courses. With the number of courses available by distance education growing rapidly, this option is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with international students and people in full-time employment.

What are the advantages of distance education?

Distance education allows students all the benefits of gaining a top quality Australian qualification without having to leave their home country. Many students may find the thought of relocating to a new country extremely daunting, for others it may simply not be possible due to family, work and other commitments.

How are distance education courses delivered?

Australian education providers use the latest technologies to provide international students with distance education options that are at least equal in standard to the courses provided in Australia.

Distance education courses may be delivered in a variety of ways depending on the particular course and institution you choose.

Options include:

  • online courses delivered through the internet
  • delivery of course materials through the post
  • some study at home combined with classes taught in association with institutions overseas
  • some study at home with some visits to study centres (offshore campuses) set up by Australian institutions in other countries
  • study at home but with Australian lecturers and tutors providing periods of face-to-face tuition outside Australia.

Entry requirements

International student entry requirements for distance education courses will usually be the same or very similar to those for the on-campus equivalent of the course. Entry requirements may vary depending on the specific course and the university or college that offers it.

Within the higher education sector, undergraduate course entry generally requires the successful completion of secondary school. Postgraduate course entry typically requires a prior degree. Entry requirements for distance education courses at TAFE institutes and private colleges vary depending on the desired course, but, once again, entrance is based on the same requirements as for on-campus courses.

You should always check with individual education providers for their specific course entry requirements as they do vary. For some courses, you can apply and start studying at any time. For other courses you need to apply at a certain time, usually towards the end of the year. Check application due dates with your chosen education provider and ensure you will have plenty of time to complete your application.

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