Religious education


Learning religion in Tasmanian Government Schools is voluntary but can be arranged if:

  • Children present a signed permission form from a parent or guardian
  • Parents or guardians are aware of what their child is learning
  • The number of time spent on religious instruction cannot exceed 40 hours

Some schools will have a chaplain to help foster the personal and social wellbeing of students, which can range from supporting families in times of crisis and operating breakfast clubs to participating in school camps and activities. 

There are 38 Catholic schools and colleges are located across the north, north-west and south of Tasmania.

Enrolments for most schools and colleges close in May, Year 7 enrolments close in April and Year 11 enrolments generally close in June in the year prior to commencement. 


The Religion Education in ACT Government Schools Policy contends that parents of students at government schools can request their child receives a religious education. This process involves the parent, the school Principal and the relevant religious body.

Christian Education in Schools (CEIS) promotes Christian education in ACT government schools. 

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