Top performing schools in Victoria revealed

Published August 2018

This article is based on data from the 2017 school year.

Here, we look at the best performing schools in Victoria based on two metrics – median VCE scores and percentage of VCE scores over 40.

Median VCE Score

Eight schools (seven metropolitan and one regional) shared top billing with a median VCE score of 37, while 30 schools, all from metro areas, recorded a median score in the 35-36 range.

The most common score was 29, achieved by 71 schools (41 metro and 30 regional), followed by 27, which was the median score for 67 schools (36 metro and 31 regional).

Percentage of VCE scores over 40

Yesodei HaTorah was the strongest performing school with 38% of students recording a median VCE score over 40, followed closely by The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School with 37%.

Two per cent was the most common score, with 76 schools having this proportion of students recording 40+ scores.

A median VCE score is the typical or middle relative position of a student compared with all others that studied the same subject. Assessment is measured on a scale of zero to 50.

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