Alphington Grammar School official library opening

Alphington Grammar School official library opening

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The world’s oldest known library was founded in the 7th Century B.C. in Nineveh, modern day Iraq, solely for the use of the royal family. This was a common theme; for many years libraries were restricted from the public and considered a luxury. It was widely acknowledged that these hubs of knowledge held immense power and value; even once public libraries began to be built, they were far from common. Today, we are lucky enough to be blessed with countless libraries and easy access to near-infinite information. Nonetheless, libraries are still cherished places of knowledge and learning. At Alphington Grammar, we consider the library the crown jewel of our school, and we are very proud to announce the official opening of our new library after many years of planning and development.

The official opening ceremony of our library was held on Monday the 17 May 2021, presided over by Senator the Hon. Jane Hume and attended by members of the School Council, board members of the Greek Community, students, and staff. The opening was a wonderful chance to celebrate the new library as a centre of learning and a valuable addition to the school.

Our library was in development for several years, beginning with the relocation of the original library in 2016 to make way for our new STEM facilities. School leadership envisioned a modern school Library and Resource Centre to round out the latest phase of our strategic plan, which also encapsulated the establishment of our conference facilities, and the new School Administration and Student Amenities block.

While the books were held in a temporary library space, the planning and development of the new library unfolded. With the help and support of our community, valued donors, and generous funding provided by the federal government’s grants program, an astounding vision was brought to reality and the library was completed in Semester 2 of 2020. After several years without a designated library space, the whole school was teeming with enthusiasm to finally allow the students access to their new learning epicentre.

The new library is the heart of our school, a valuable and vast collection of resources and knowledge and a nod to the libraries of old. It was designed to be an engaging, collaborative, and inclusive space that can accommodate both individual and group study across a range of ages and abilities. The library is used by the whole school for everything from library classes to quiet study. Small breakaway rooms and private booths, as well as distinct Primary and Secondary zones, allows students of varying ages to work comfortably alongside each other. The flexible and dynamic learning spaces facilitates all learning styles by creating an environment where students feel productive yet at ease.

The school has seen an outpouring of support for the new facility from students and staff alike. The library is constantly in use, and at any point in the day you can walk in and expect to see small student study groups, classes, tutoring sessions, recreational reading, and quiet conversation. The walls are filled with colourful displays and information, the floor-to-ceiling whiteboards scrawled with subject notes and mind maps, the shelves stacked high with books. It has been wonderful to witness students venturing through the shelves and emerging with a new book or three, huddling together to listen to stories in the Primary area, or typing furiously on their laptops by the bright windows of a study room.

Considering the enthusiastic response to the new space, we at Alphington Grammar School were very proud to welcome Senator Hume to celebrate the library and acknowledge the support that made it possible. We look forward to utilising our library for many years to come.

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