Everything you need to know about teenagers – and more

Parenting teenagers is more challenging than ever in the coronavirus (COVID-19) age.The usual issues such as anxiety, experimentation, peer pressure and cyberbullying have in many cases been compounded by the global pandemic and resulting social isolation.

Now more than ever, parents are looking for support and guidance. Parent Guidesis known for its factual and non-preachy guides. They’ve combined their existing resources —Drugs 101, Social Media 101, Sex 101, Mental Health 101 and Respect 101 — into a compendium.

About Teens 101

Teens 101 is a 180-page reference book draws upon the latest research, expert advice, and practical resources to help parents and carers navigate the teen years and start important conversations with their children. No holds are barred, and no topic is shirked.

“We tell it how it is,” says Parents Guides founder and Melbourne media identity, Eileen Berry. “We inform parents and carers about what drugs their kids might take, what they are doing online, how likely they are to be having sex and, most importantly, how to discuss all this rationally with them.

Teens 101 covers all the bases and will be avaluable resource for parents, carers, schools, universities and other organisations that support families.Our goal is to spark meaningful conversations between parents, carers and their young people.

The new compendium resourceis ideal for schools, universities, libraries and family support organisations. Special bundle packages have been developed to make them affordable.

“We want as many families as possible to benefit,” Eileen says. “With COVID-19 potentially amplifying issues faced by teenagers, practical and useful advice from respected experts is more important than ever.”

About Parent Guides

Parent Guides is a not-for-profit organisation that has provided resources for nearly six years. The guideshelp parents and carers educate themselves about teen issues, and in some cases have prompted expert panel nights at schools.

Learn more about Teens 101 bundles here.

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