Good Schools Spotlight: St Catherine's School

Principal Mrs Michelle Carroll is passionate about providing a progressive, innovative and engaging educational environment. One in which students are able to enquire deeply, respond positively to every challenge and graduate ready to take her place in the world. 

St Catherine’s girls dare to reach their potential through approaching endeavours with the courage to take risks, the curiosity to explore and the strength to lead. The moment a student walks through Heyington Gates, there is the possibility to prosper — behind every door, in every classroom resides an impending miracle. 

Here, there is a deep commitment to exploring every possibility with every student, expanding a sense of themselves and the nurturing the promise that resides within each and every student. 

The school environment plays a key role in fulfilling the potential of each student and our commitment is to an education which, at its core, develops rigorous thinking and the practice of inquiry. Our academic approach to learning aims to empower students to think, both creatively and critically, developing a deeper understanding of themselves and the complex world in which we live.

A strong focus on the skills required in the 21st Century including problem-solving, communication, negotiation, presentation, planning and research skills — these encourage a climate that enables our girls to speak out, speak often and feel comfortable in doing so. Our students graduate well-prepared for their futures, with the support provided to explore tertiary pathways and career opportunities that enhance their capacities and individual employability skills.


The physical, emotional and social wellbeing of our students is at the forefront of all that we do at St Catherine’s. Our integrated approach to wellbeing encourages positive relationships, a commitment to learning and the development of leadership skills, resilience, citizenship and social responsibility.


The ELC environment supports every child to reach their potential through exploration, imagination, discovery and belonging. Our specialist classes such as PMP, music, French and STEM build on their sense of discovery and wonder to ensure the best possible start to their schooling years.

Junior School

We believe that nurturing children through the formative years means surrounding them with a learning environment enriched with experiences, opportunities and an atmosphere of individual care and attention.

Our Junior School education embraces the Harvard University–led Cultures of Thinking approach to teaching. Small class sizes, personalised academic care and exceptional educational opportunities ensure students can engage purposefully with their learning.

Senior School

Our bold dream for St Catherine’s is to empower our girls with the best start in their educational journey. Our goals remain to prepare students for life; not only through education, but also empowering girls to take ownership of their learning through active participation and engagement in school academic and co-curricular programs. 

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