Introducing Year 7 into Queensland's secondary schools

Following the introduction of a compulsory preparatory year into the primary school system in 2007, the Queensland Government is working to bring the education system in line with the other states by moving Year 7 to the secondary school system.

Queensland⠙s Murrumba State Secondary College ⠔ which opened this month ⠔ is the first school to pilot this transition, having accepted both Year 7 and Year 8 enrolments this year.  A further 19 government schools will take part in the trial in 2013, and it is proposed that all Queensland schools will have moved toward the new model by 2015.

This change has received support from Queenslandâ ™s government, Catholic and independent school sectors.

The Queensland Department of Education and Training believes that Year 7 students are ready for greater independence and the depth of learning that secondary education can provide, and that they should have access to the facilities (science labs, for example) and specialist teaching previously only available to students in Years 8⠓12. 

Key changes to the Queensland curriculum:

  • The state government will provide additional funding to upgrade school facilities and learning spaces to ensure a smooth transition to the new model.
  • Professional development funding, including scholarships for staff to gain further qualifications, will be allocated.
  • The Living Away from Home Allowances Scheme (LAFHAS) payments for Year 7 students will be adjusted to the secondary school rate to ensure that rural families are not disadvantaged by the changes.
  • Queensland secondary schools will implement the Australian Curriculum for English, mathematics and science subject. A national history curriculum will come into effect from 2013.
  • From 2015, Years 7â “9 in government schools will form a Junior Secondary system, with guiding principles such as leadership, student wellbeing, and parent and community involvement.

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