Boarding schools in Western Australia

Boarding schools in Western Australia

There are some families for whom a tradition spanning several generations makes boarding a familiar and attractive option. For others, geographic isolation or parents’ overseas work and travel have the potential to disrupt schooling.  

Good boarding schools are committed to providing the highest standards of pastoral care and excellence in their academic and co-curricular programs, regardless of their foundation date, their geographic location or the type of boarding opportunities they offer. 

There are currently 186 boarding schools in Australia listed on The Good Schools Guide. Ten of these are in Western Australia. 

Co-ed boarding schools in Perth, Western Australia

All-girls’ boarding schools in Perth, Western Australia 

  • Browse private all-girls’ secondary schools in Western Australia here. 
  • Search Perth private secondary and combined girls’ schoolshere. 

All-boys’ boarding schools in Perth, Western Australia 

Learn more about all-boys schools in WA 

  • Browse all private all-boys’ secondary schools in Western Australia here. 
  • Search Perth private secondary and combined boys’ schools here. 

Why choose to send your child to a boarding school? 

There are many reasons for students to choose to live away from home during their secondary schooling: 

  • Geographic isolation — families who live in remote areas where schools are not easily accessible may choose to send their children to boarding schools. 

  • Parents' work schedule  parents who work overseas or who travel frequently and for extended periods have the potential to disrupt their child's schooling, so sending the child to a boarding school provides stability. 

  • Learning difficulties — there are young people whose interests are best met in a specialist setting rather than at a nearby school. 

  • Family tradition — families have sent their children to boarding schools over several generations, which makes boarding a familiar and attractive option. 

Professional associations for boarding schools in Western Australia 

Association of Independent Schools (AISWA) 

22 AISWA member schools offer boarding facilities for their students, 17 within the metropolitan area of Perth and five in rural centres of the state. Visit for more information. 

Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of Australia (ICPA) 

ICPA works to improve access to education and quality educational services for students from rural and remote regions. Visit for further information and to find details for state branches. 

Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA) 

ABSA is an organisation that seeks to promote high standards of residential care for children of school age. Visit for more information. 

Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) 

CEWA is a good initial research base for more information about Western Australia’s Catholic schools and their boarding options. Visit 

Indigenous Education and Boarding Australia (IEBA) 
IEBA focuses on policies, practices, systems and innovation to communicate, educate, inspire and influence the work of others in supporting Indigenous student education and boarding. Visit 

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