Why choose boarding for your child?

There are many reasons for students to choose to live away from home during their secondary schooling, including:

  • geographic isolation ” familes who live in remote areas where schools are not easily accessible may choose to send their children to boarding schools
  • parents' work schedule parents who work overseas or who travel frequently and for extended periods have the potential to disrupt their child's schooling, so sending the child to a boarding school provides stability.
  • learning difficulties ” there are young people whose interests are best met in a specialist setting rather than at a nearby school
  • family tradition families have sent their children to boarding schools over several generations, which makes boarding a familiar and attractive option.

In recent years, boarding schools have welcomed a growing overseas student cohort. Drawn by high educational standards, and the prospect of immersion in another culture, many students are opting to undertake their secondary schooling in Australia. Families look to boarding schools and other school-supported living arrangements, such as homestay, to give them a safe and secure base in Australia.

Read about the facilities at the Victorian boarding schools below:

Geelong Grammar School

Genazzano FCJ College

Melbourne Girls Grammar

Melbourne Grammar School

Methodist Ladies' College (MLC)

Presbyterian Ladies' College (PLC)

Scotch College

St Catherine's School

The Kilmore International School

Xavier College

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