Studying in New South Wales

Over 200 schools in Sydney and regional New South Wales welcome students from abroad, offering the following programs:

Primary school

Students from abroad have the possibility of studying at an Australian primary school. There are, however, some requirements. For example, students from Kindergarten to Year 4 must have a parent living with them at all times. Students in Years 5 and 6 can live with either a parent or a direct relative. All students must satisfy basic English language requirements, with students in Year 6 usually required to complete an Intensive English course prior to commencing the year.

High school

International students can providing they fulfil the necessary prerequisites enrol at many high schools in New South Wales, including single-sex schools, coeducational schools or specialist high schools, which may include schools that focus on technology or the performing arts. Students applying for Years 7 to 10 need to be able to demonstrate English language competency, with students vying for the HSC needing to have completed the NSW School Certificate in Year 10 (or an overseas equivalent). Good passing grades must also have been achieved.

High school study abroad

International students can spend between three and 12 months at a New South Wales school, whereby they live with an Australian family and experience school and life in Australia. The cost of living should be taken into consideration, with fees reaching up to $13,500 per year for senior secondary (Years 11 and 12) tuition and between $250 and $300 per week for living costs. Students from certain countries may have additional entry requirements. See the Department of Education and Communities International website for further details.

Intensive English

Intensive English courses with durations of up to 20 weeks can be studied at government Intensive English Centres (IECs) in New South Wales. Available for students aged 12 and over, these courses are designed to improve students' English in a quick time frame. Students learn more about the Australian school system, as well as studying the language in a context that readies them for high school study in Australia. The classes are taught by fully-trained ESL teachers and classes contain no more than 18 students. Pre-intermediate levels of English are required to enrol in intensive English courses. There are 14 IECs and one Intensive English High School (IEHS) located in metropolitan Sydney and Wollongong. For more information, please see the DEC International website.

If your child is an international student wishing to study in Australia, the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) lists all government accredited institutions (including secondary schools) registered to offer courses to overseas students. Every institution that seeks to recruit, enrol or teach overseas students, or advertise their ability to do so, must be registered with CRICOS for each course they offer to overseas students. More information can be found on the Studies in Australia website. Here, you will find an overview of the Australian education system, with advice on key topics such as visa requirements and application procedures, along with detailed profiles of educational institutions that offer courses.

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