The essential back to school checklist

It's hard to believe the school holidays have come and gone but it's time to get jump back into the routine of packing lunches and drop offs. To help you cope with the stress of getting things sorted before school kicks off for 2017, we've jotted down five handy tips for you to get stuck into.

Have you bought school books and stationery?

Making sure you have the allocated textbooks is very important, as is stocking up on pencils, pens, markers, notebooks and any other necessary stationary. This process can become more expensive the older your child is; a Prep will have access to most stationary in the classroom, while a Year 12 studying mathematics will need a scientific calculator.

Do uniforms and school shoes still fit?

Kids can grow at the rate of knots and the last thing you want is to have them try on their uniform the night before school and something no longer fits. To avoid this issue, do this early in the holidays and give yourself a chance to buy new clothes and shoes if you need to.

Have you organised transport to and from school?

Does your child walk the school, catch the bus or do you drop them off in the car? No matter the answer, ensure they are familiar with their schedule, which could include changes during the week due to extracurricular activities like sport training or music practice.

Are school bags and lunchboxes in working order?

You've got books and uniforms sorted but what about the school bag or the lunchbox? The pair can be very durable but if your child is transitioning from primary to high school, or about to begin their senior secondary education, they could well benefit from a bigger bag to lug the extra books home.

Is there an area at home for studying?

Motivating your child to prioritise their homework is a tough assignment so it's vital to create an area that's conducive to effective study. Try choosing a quiet area of the house that's free of distraction with a comfortable chair and desk space.

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