How to build good study habits

Effective studying is all about routine. Getting into arhythm and consolidating good habits is crucial to being efficient and makingthe most of your time, so we’ve come up with a few tips to help you do justthat!

Have a schedule

It’s always handy to put your ideas down on paper. Having adedicated study schedule will ensure you know exactly when to study and on whatto focus, meaning you can plan other elements of your life, such as classes andsocial activities, around it.

Find the rightenvironment

Where you choose to study can make a massive difference.People have differing methods on what works for them but generally, opt forsomewhere quiet and comfortable with access to the internet, such as a unilibrary or study room. For working at home, the same rules apply.

Remove distractions

It can be difficult to stay focused while studying.Smartphones offer a whole range of distractions, including social media, texting and apps to name a few. By turning your phone off and putting it out of reach, you can direct more of your attention towards yourstudies.

Treat yourself

It’s important to reward yourself for a decent studysession. If you’ve just knocked over a 2,000-word essay, watch an episode of yourfavourite TV show. Performed well on a practice exam? Head out and grabsomething nice for dinner.

Stay fresh

There’s no point chaining yourself to a desk for two hoursand only taking in a quarter of the information because you’re forcing yourselfto stare at a screen. Break up study into blocks by going for a quick jog orwalk at regular intervals. The combination of exercise and fresh air is a fail-safeway to recharge.


This is one of the most important skills you will learn, as an inability to clearly identify the most urgent task can impactproductivity in a negative way. Go through your to-do list and take note; whatwill take the longest amount of time, what is due first, which will have thegreatest consequence if it is not completed, and prioritise accordingly?

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