Avoiding the Term 2 slump

The first term of the school year can be exciting and nerve-wracking for parents and students alike. Once the holidays have come and gone, it can be tough to get back into the swing of things and to ensure your child avoids any term two blues, try some of the following strategies.

Change the perspective

School can be very repetitive for students, so it’simportant they understand the value of what they are learning. Identify your child’s favourite subject and encourage them to think of it with the context of what they want to do after they leave school – if English is their strength, point out news presenters on TV and journalists in newspapers.

Incorporate technology

There are countless apps designed to assist students with studying and, if you pick the right ones, it’s possible to see an improvement inoutput. While some can be purchased, many are free and focus on various areas, including:
There are also apps to assist with destressing and improving sleepcycles.

Give positive feedback

If your child is struggling with motivation, don’t be afraid to give them a pump-up. Celebrate their accomplishments, no matter how small, and offer constructive feedback on how they can continue to improve. This will give them a confidence boost heading to school and into the classroom.

Look forward to the next break

Whether it’s a school sports carnival, public holiday or year level camp, be enthusiastic about your kid’s next hiatus from the classroom and encourage them to work hard up until the event. It’s easier to be motivated with something exciting on the horizon, so do your best to boost their anticipation.

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