Good Schools Spotlight: Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School

At Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School, we help young women find their voice. 

By identifying and celebrating each student’s unique strengths, fostering her inquisitive spirit, supporting her to overcome challenges and inspiring her to achieve her personal best, we aim to help each student develop the skills and confidence to achieve her goals. 

As an open-entry school with a community of 850–1,000 students, Ivanhoe Girls' is small enough to focus on each student as an individual learner, yet large enough to be able to offer a broad range of choices. 

Caring foundations

Our strong wellbeing framework ensures all students are accepted and valued as individuals and given the opportunity to discover what drives them. The school’s focus on service and leadership empowers our students to develop meaningful relationships across the whole school community and to look to these values to drive change in their world. Our students become compassionate contributors to their community, committed to social justice and philanthropy. 


Ivanhoe Girls’ enjoys an outstanding reputation for a rigorous academic education and innovative teaching techniques, complemented by a rich tradition of co-curricular activities, including music, performance and visual arts. Design and technology tools introduce design thinking across the curriculum, ensuring all students enter the workforce with confidence and skills, ready for every challenge. 

Leadership experiences are offered in sporting teams, co-curricular pursuits, House, tutor groups and the Student Representative Council. Students benefit by developing resilience and self-esteem in an environment that encourages respect for the individual, together with tolerance and understanding of others. 

Our girls speak for themselves 

At Ivanhoe Girls’, we believe the most effective way for our students to find success is to challenge them to be their authentic selves. Offering them opportunities to make their own choices gives them the confidence to find their own voice and to set and pursue goals with purpose and vigour. 

Our students are evidence of what we do well. Articulate, courageous, critical thinkers who are generous of spirit, have a life-long love of learning, and who have a voice and use it to create change. 

Because at the end of the day, our girls speak for themselves. 

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