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How students can develop leadership skills at school

Here are some options for leadership at school outside school captaincy.
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How to mentally prepare yourself for the new school year

Here are ways to mentally prepare for the school year.

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Family activities you can do with teenagers

Summer holidays are a time to have fun without the pressures of academic stress. 

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Student Stories: My advice for Year 11 students

When I’d imagined what my Year 11 would look like, I had absolutely not factored in the global pandemic of 2020, a new world of Zoom classes and socially distanced walks

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A student's guide to handling stress and staying focused at school

It's normal to feel stressed from school. Here are some tips to stay focused.

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Student Stories: Balancing school with extra-curricular activities

Is a school-work-extracurriculars-social life balance even possible? 

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Student Stories: How the pandemic has changed my outlook on life after high school

What happens when your plans for a gap year in Italy go out the window? One student explains.

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When should you drop a school subject?

If there’s nothing, or, at least, barely anything, that interests you about the subject, that could be a sign it’s not for you. 

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Student Stories: How I’m keeping motivated while learning remotely

Like many others, Year 11 student Bridie has made the swift transition to remote learning. Here's what works for her when it comes to maintaining motivation.

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Student Stories: 5 tips for surviving Year 10

Having got through relatively unscathed, here are my top tips for surviving (and thriving) in Year 10.

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Student Stories: How I chose my subjects for Year 11

Canberra student Bridie shares how she narrowed down which subjects to study in Year 11.

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