What's next? Resources for choosing further education

There are so many courses available after high school if you are interested in tertiary education. This can overwhelm students, especially when the stress of VCE studies only contributes to the bottomless pit of pressure. Yet amidst this chaos, there are some resources that can help release the tension of choosing a uni course.

ATAR Calculator

Not a specific tool that provides information about university courses, yet it is helpful in narrowing down options. The online calculator is used throughout Year 12 to estimate possible ATAR scores based on predicted subject study scores and can be helpful in deciding what to do after school. If you can work out roughly what ATAR score you are looking at, it limits which courses you can and can’t apply for due to the score requirements and consequently, is a perfect place to start in order to determine which courses will be available to you.

University websites

This is the next link in the chain of tough decisions. After deciphering which courses meet your score expectations and criteria, it’s best to look at universities and pick which campuses suit your wants and wishes. By flicking through websites and attending university open days, you can start to determine which campuses you fancy most. After this, your choices will be narrowed down – making for an easier decision-making process.

Advice from other people

The final decision can often be the hardest and choosing between two university courses that appear so similar can be tricky. However, publications such as The Good Universities Guide can help provide more in-depth information that can ultimately determine a discrepancy between universities that make the biggest difference to you. Sometimes it is best to hear from the people you trust – those who you know well and have recently studied at uni. These numerous factors enable you to be comfortable and confident you’re making a well-informed decision.

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