What type of Year 12 student are you?

Once the intense pressure of Year 12 hits a teenager, it can begin to change the way they act regarding schoolwork and stressful deadlines. When the months begin to tick down to exams, have a look at which Year 12 student you may be once you reach the climax of VCE.

The Stress-Head

Once the year starts, this individual is immediately seen pen-in-hand, taking notes and highlighting any word you can find. They create countless cue cards, stick tabs all over the pages of their English books and constantly fret over the latest SAC. You’ll find that a Stress-Head is the most noticeable type of student, as they are always asking you how you went on tests and exams while asking for any little hint that can alleviate their anxiety about an impending assessment

The Calm Coaster

Already satisfied with how they are going, these type of students know that they have nothing to worry about. They understand that an ATAR only matters for getting into university, and don’t let it snowball into the life-defining crisis that it is built up to be. Also, they know that they will easily get into their university course and are more than likely doing very well. Always willing to help Stress-Head’s and other students with answers or certain problems, a Calm Coaster looks set to graduate into the adult world with ease.

The Fabricator

The most devious, a Fabricator tries in vain to look cool by lying about the amount of study and effort they put in so that their results appear extremely impressive. Common phrases from these students include how they “didn’t study at all last night” or had to “learn the whole course in two hours”, as they always set low expectations of themselves in front of friends, such as “anything above 60 per cent”. However, upon receiving their marks back and receiving 85 per cent, they will often be disappointed about their score. From there, you begin to realise that they do put in a similar amount of effort to most people, and just decide to underplay their supposed work ethic to appear better and naturally smarter than everyone else.

The Negative Nancy

Once Year 12 begins, these students immediately give in and assume the worst. They believe that they will fail every SAC, will barely scrape through the year and then will receive a dismal ATAR that will ruin their life and career. Always in need of moral support, a Negative Nancy will be extremely relieved to pass the year yet a little embarrassed when they receive their score and realise they performed well. However, they may never be truly happy with it, regardless of how good the score is.

The Emotional Hard-Worker

These people are normally the most determined, and will constantly study hard. Everyone is aware that they are trying for a high ATAR to help get into a particular course and remain respectful that they are emotionally wringing themselves out during Year 12. However, when receiving a SAC score below 90 per cent, they tend to break down briefly, usually get less sleep and always say no to parties or plans as they are doing some form of study. Late in the year, they will constantly be attending revision lectures and re-writing notes for the third time, and may even ditch social media for the last few weeks before the exam period.

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