Introducing Sean, our Student Ambassador

I hope that future Year 12s will read this and understand the reality of the year - that it is not quite what people fantasise or build it up to be. Instead, I want them to know the little quirks, minor perks and occasional horrors and stress that everyone will have to go through during the period.

Now on the precipice of my secondary education (I am about to enter the final frontier that is Year 12), I have spent roughly 10 years striking a balance between schoolwork and my passion for writing.

Ever since my stereotypical dream of becoming an astronaut ended in a crash-and-burn realisation that I was petrified of basic heights, I have leaned towards writing, and with that, journalism. I have been infatuated with writing about my beloved Collingwood Magpies, the trials and tribulations of the Australian cricket team and the exploits of my favourite sporting heroes in Roger Federer and Tom Brady. It all appeared to be concrete; I would graduate Year 12, become a sports journalist and travel the world writing about my preferred pastimes, perhaps with some added commentary gigs thrown in.

However, in my ascension to early adulthood, the realms of music have captured my liking, and now I settle in a slight state of indecision between the pair. Having completed Units 3+4 Literature and Further Maths last year, I now have time in between studying Psychology, Legal Studies, History Revolutions and English to explore both of these regions and further develop my writing skills.

I believe that in journalism, sometimes an education or qualification isn't enough to distinguish one's self. Experience and practice is pivotal to gain the upper hand, which prompted me to begin building my own portfolio prior to finishing Year 12. I write for The Footy Almanac (where I have done work experience with John Harms), The Roar, Stereo Stories and produce my own music blog.

By the end of the year, I hope to be studying a journalism course at a university that fosters my passion for the profession.

Everybody knows Year 12 is stressful, but who better than someone going through the process right now? Sean is Good Education Group's very own Student Ambassador, providing an insider's guide to coping with the peaks and troughs of the Year 12 journey.

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