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4 Benefits of School-Based Pre-Apprenticeships

Did you know that students don’t have to leave school to start learning a trade?
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I didn't receive an offer – what next?

Don't panic if you missed out on your first round offer. 

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What happens if you leave school early?

The lowdown on how an early exit can impact students


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Should your child do an apprenticeship or traineeship?

Apprenticeships and traineeships are available in more than 500 occupations in Australia. They span everything from traditional trades to a diverse range of established and emerging industries.
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The parents' guide to casual and part-time jobs

If your child is thinking about taking their first step into the workforce, read on as we answer a few common questions.
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State budget wrap up: New South Wales and Queensland

After the release of the Federal and Victorian budgets last month, the 2016-17 New South Wales and Queensland state budgets have now been revealed.
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Five great reasons for your child to consider VCAL

Introduced in 2002, VCAL offers hands-on training and a great pathway into work for a wide range of students.
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Academic terminology glossary

If you feel like you're trying to learn another language when reading about your child's schooling, we explain some of the jargon you may encounter.
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Five tips to help your child prepare for the new school year

With school back for the year, now is the best time for your child to start developing good study habits. We list a few tips to help them enjoy their year and succeed academically.
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Your child's options if they don't want to do Year 12

While leaving school in Year 10 may have been common practice in the past, these days more and more students are opting to make the most of some of the alternative education options available.
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