Top Five Best Performing Schools in Loddon Mallee

Published August 2017

This article uses data from the 2016 school year, as published by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

Despite being located in one of the most remote parts of Victoria, Murrayville Community College has produced exceptional academic results. Not only is Murrayville the number one school in the Loddon-Mallee region with 23% of study scores over 40, they also experienced the greatest improvement in the state for median study score over the last five years.

Charlton College (21%) and Girton Grammar School (20%) weren't far behind, while Braemar College (12%) and Tyrrel College (9%) rounded out the top five in Loddon Mallee.

All five schools were co-ed and three (including top pair Murrayville and Charlton) were from the government sector, with independent schools Girton and Braemar also making the cut.

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