Courage X Kindness = The Sacré Cœur Way

Founded in 1888 by the French order of nuns, Sacré Cœur is a leading Catholic School, educating girls from Prep to Year 12 in The Society of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ) tradition. Sacré Cœur’s proud history dates back over 200 years and is built on a foundation of respect, faith, spirit and community.

At the core of a Sacred Heart education is a deep respect and concern for each student’s wellbeing. We embrace these values in a contemporary education setting that is authentic and reflective of our Sacred Heart tradition, where our women are inspired to shape the world.

Based in Glen Iris and part of a worldwide network of over 150 sister schools in 41 countries, we aim to build connections that maximize capabilities, providing opportunities for respectful and mutually beneficial relationships that ensure all students have their emotional and social wellbeing carefully nurtured.

Our girls’ learning journey begins in Joigny - Sacré Cœur's Junior School

Joigny provides a dynamic and caring environment for students from Prep to Year 6, where single level classes ensure that the students are well-known and programs are tailored to individual needs.

The curriculum offers a diverse range of learning experiences that allow the students to discover and explore areas of passion.

Religious education is central to the studies at Joigny while specialist programs are also taught from Prep to Year 6 in music, choir, visual art, language (French), physical education and library.

All classes from Prep to Year 6 engage in the Wellness program which explicitly teaches personal and interpersonal skills to assist the development of social skills, wellbeing practices and self-efficacy. Information Technology is integrated into the curriculum with access to computer labs and computers and iPads in classes from Prep to Year 6.

Educating for the future

To ensure our students are prepared for an ever-evolving world of technology and entrepreneurial enterprise, Sacré Cœur’s tailored curriculum creates a foundation for students to take on this challenge. Our curriculum is based on four key pillars:

  • Agency – the opportunity to make choices for oneself about learning. This promotes responsibility, leadership, purpose and empowerment
  • Connection - to the community within Sacré Cœur and the world around it, to our learning goals and with one another
  • Mastery – promoting expertise through ongoing practice with a focus on quality learning over quantity of tasks
  • Authenticity - active learning with purpose, immersive experiences and real-world relevance.

It is these four pillars upon which we build towards the future with our young women. As a result of this curriculum, we see our students consistently achieve excellent VCE results and seek to contribute to their local communities and the world.

See Sacré Cœur in action at our Open Day on Sunday 26 May, between 1pm and 4pm.

Join us for a school tour and presentations from our Principal and School Captains about our philosophy, programs, curriculum and life at Sacré Cœur.

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