Five tips for homework

Is your child struggling to get their homework done? There are so many ways to help your child out at homework, from creating a good study environment to helping them manage stress from school.

1. Set up a homework-friendly area.

Setting up a quiet space really helps children focus on their homework. Having a designated area to study can also create a fun environment and motivate your child to get homework done. Choose a spot that has comfortable seating, away from noise and with good lighting.

2. Schedule a regular study time

Some kids prefer studying during the afternoon and others might prefer to wait until after dinner. Depending on your child’s learning styles, parents can be involved in their children’s homework sessions by helping them draw up a homework schedule or timetable.

3. Eliminate all distractions

Unfortunately, distractions are everywhere – especially with the rise of tech and social media; some schools teach kids using computers and tablets. As a parent, start by establishing some boundaries around study time and to respect the time allocated to just do homework. Distractions can lead to procrastination. Avoid switching the TV on, loud music or phone calls.

4. Start with the hardest work first

Sometimes, you’ll come to realise that kids have more than one assignment to do and it’s always a good idea to start on the hard tasks first. Although, your child might find it hard to keep their mind on the assignment but once it’s out of the way, they’ll feel a lot better and might be able to do the rest with ease.

Pros of starting with hard tasks

Cons of starting with hard tasks

• Reduce stress upon completion

• Often has more impact on goals

• All subsequent tasks will seem easier

• Requires more time and energy

• Makes you feel overwhelmed

• Wears you out before you get to the small task

5. Take breaks

It’s always healthy for a child to take short breaks in between completing an assessment. The best way to go around this is for kids to take regular and short study breaks, because their minds can start to wander when they get bored. Don’t pressure your child into studying too much and know when to give them a break.

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