What do parents want from an independent school?

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There are many needs and wants parents have when choosing a school for their child. This differs significantly when comparing independent schools, catholic schools and government schools. In our ever-changing world, the decision-making process has evolved and parents are looking for different skills for their children to graduate school with. It is more than just academic excellence — parents want schools to be part of their child’s whole development and growth, instilling vital skills that will also prepare them for the future.

Ultimately, all parents want their children to leave school happy, healthy and well-rounded. Private schools often come with a high cost but affordability, along with the location of the school are prioritised less as reasons to choose an independent school. So, what do parents really value from a private school education? Here are some benefits that an independent education can offer.

Academic excellence

Although parents are looking for many opportunities, it is expected that an independent school will provide an outstanding education and individual academic excellence, as well as extraordinary opportunities. This is a key factor for parents in their decision making and school rankings are a well-used metric to compare schools. Academic results and personal excellence are crucial in shaping a school’s reputation and offering, and parents look to this benchmark when researching schools.

Quality of teaching and staff

Teachers are role models who lead the way in providing meaningful learning opportunities and inspiring learners. Parents want confidence and trust in the quality of teaching. Parents are looking for a dynamic and passionate team that will encourage curiosity, empower young people and foster a lifelong love of learning so they are well equipped for bright futures.

Unrivalled facilities

A stimulating learning environment helps to improve student performance, engagement, and motivation. Independent schools have a reputation for quality facilities, state-of-the-art buildings, and innovative learning spaces, from heated swimming pools, to a performance theatre or a student business centre. The breadth of facilities supports the school’s range of opportunities to enhance their overall offering.

Supportive and caring environment

In raising a happy child, they need a supportive and caring environment in which to thrive. Independent schools are valued for the individual attention and personalised learning they can offer students. Well established and successful wellbeing programs and pastoral care often supports a holistic approach to education that nurtures the whole child so they can grow in all areas of their education and life outside of school.

Forward thinking

Parents want more than the fundamentals; they want their children to gain confidence and a thirst for knowledge so they can thrive beyond school. Preparing children for the future has never been more important in our rapidly changing world. Confidence, problem-solving, and innovation are skills that will be in demand in the future. Parents are looking for networking opportunities and invaluable skills that will help students as they enter the workforce.


Independent schools have been regarded for their ability to pivot and adjust to external challenges, such as coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Communication is key in times of uncertainty, as is the ability to move easily and swiftly to online learning. Parents are looking for trust in the school, community, and care, especially during disruptive times.

Word of mouth is a powerful and influential tool for parents when choosing a school. Talking to other parents and students offers an authentic and personal insight into a school and how it operates. As does, visiting the school during a School Tour, interacting with staff, and experiencing the school first-hand to learn what the school values and can offer families.  

Guildford Grammar School leads the way as an inclusive, Pre-K-12, co-educational, independent school in Western Australia. Located on a stunning natural campus in Perth, the School strives to inspire students to go forward and define their own success.

To find out more about a Guildford Grammar School education, download a School Prospectus here or book a tour here to experience the school for yourself.

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