TALI Train: A versatile program to address childhood attention difficulties

TALI Train is the perfect addition to the toolkit of many health professionals, as well as teachers and educators. Clinically proven, it is a unique system designed to help children with attention difficulties and its versatility enables a wide variety of professionals to become TALI providers. Speech pathologists, psychologists, occupational therapists, and other specialists working with children to improve their attention abilities, can all employ TALI Train in their treatment plans.

Attention difficulties are often tied to other diagnoses, and TALI Train has been designed to be flexible and work within a variety of treatment plans. The tablet delivery ensures that the learning curve is small, with tablets now commonplace in the health industry, and simple to operate for both the professional and the client. The exercises are designed to train the core processes of attention, addressing the underlying causes of difficulties, rather than simply treating the symptoms with medication. The exercises enhance child engagement with a reward system that encourages progression through the five-week course. The digital delivery of the exercises means that progress can be accurately tracked, and includes reporting functionality for record keeping and sharing results with parents and other professionals.

TALI providers all undertake comprehensive professional training to ensure correct application of the program. It is a complete training package and includes instructional videos and documents for correct use of the exercises. Providers have access to analytics to accurately monitor client progress and provide more effective services. Additionally, the TALI team of neuroscientists, software engineers and game developers, are on hand to offer guidance, whether with the rationale behind the exercises or the technology, and help it to become an integral part of treatment for attention disorders.

TALI Train is the result of five years of research and development and TALI Health's commitment to delivering evidence-based technology. Recently awarded a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Development Grant, TALI Health is conducting further research to assess the efficacy of the product in new populations, such as those with traumatic brain injuries. The grant also enables us to train more providers and increase the number of children who have access to TALI Train's benefits.

If you are interested in becoming a TALI Train provider, or want to find a TALI Health-certified professional for your child, please contact TALI Health. There are providers in almost every state, and TALI Health always wants to add more, with the Development Grant providing the resources to grow their coverage and reach more children, families and health specialists.



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