Moving schools: what to consider when looking for a new school

Moving schools: what to consider when looking for a new school

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There are many reasons why a family may consider moving their child to a new school. Whether it be relocating to a new suburb, state or country; securing an enrolment place within an alternate entry year; social concerns such as bullying or friendship groups; or simply the current school being the ‘wrong fit’ for your child — starting a new school can be a daunting experience. While some students will find their feet at a new school very quickly, others may take some time to adjust. Here are a number of key factors to consider when looking for a new school for your child.

Values and philosophy

Parents spend a lot of time and effort role-modelling values, attitudes and behaviours to help influence the kind of person their child will become. Your child will spend a lot of time at school, so it is important to consider whether the school echoes the values that are important to your family. Consider how your values may extend to the type of education you are seeking for your child. Does a strong academic or sporting achievement focus resonate with your child, or is personal growth, well-roundedness or faith more important? Find a values system and educational philosophy that suits the goals of your child and your family.

Wellbeing support

Naturally, nerves and anxiety can be high when starting a new school, but the journey from childhood to young adulthood also presents its own unique emotional challenges over time. Consider how your child’s school will look after them during these formative years. Do they offer pastoral care and wellbeing support programs throughout all stages of your child’s development? Are learning frameworks aimed at transitioning students from adolescents to well-prepared young adults? Are there systems for students needing extra support, such as access to counsellors or mentors? Every child is different, so consider these questions within the context of your child’s personal needs.


Consider the opportunities and experiences your child will have access to. Offerings will vary widely between schools and this will attract different kinds of students and families. Find out what activities are compulsory and what activities will be elective. Talk with your child about their individual interests and talents — uncover which schools might offer opportunities that fit with your child’s learning path, or potentially broaden their interests. Each child is an individual, so it’s important to find out if the school has the frameworks to personalise the learning journey so your child can get the most out of their time at school.


When enrolling your child at a school, by extension, your family also joins the school community. Is the school inclusive and welcoming to new families? For example, is there a buddy program for new students or events that allow for parents to meet other families in their child’s year group? Many schools now have measures in place to support new students and families, particularly if they are relocating from interstate or overseas. It’s important for both your child and your family to feel a sense of belonging to lay a secure foundation for their emotional development.

Location and convenience

Your child will generally be at school for five days per week, so it’s important to consider the logistics of travel time and journey on your child and your family. Will your child be able to reliably access the school for the duration of their schooling? Learn about the campus location and layout to ensure it works for your family. Are there convenient and safe public transport options available for your child to get to and from school each day, or are you planning on driving? Additionally, consider whether your child may need before and after school care, and explore whether this is a service offered at the school.

What can Guildford Grammar School offer your child?

Guildford Grammar School leads the way as an inclusive, K-12 co-educational, boarding and day school in Western Australia. Located on a stunning natural campus in Perth, the school strives to inspire students to go forward and find their own success.

Personalised learning, extension and support is offered to all students within a nurturing and supportive environment. Foundational learning is enriched by extraordinary opportunities that inspire each student to pursue personal excellence in all areas of their lives.

Above all, our warm and welcoming community is who we are. Exceptional pastoral care and support programs are available to assist families from all over the world to settle in to our warm and welcoming community, where belonging isn’t just a feeling — it lasts a lifetime.

To find out more about the support available at Guildford Grammar School for families considering a change in their child’s education, please contact us on or (+61 8) 9377 9222 or explore our environment here.

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