Good Schools Spotlight: Hale School

Hale School is Western Australia’s oldest, leading boys’ school with a reputation for excellence. Many of Australia’s great leaders are Hale alumni, and today, we continue nurturing young men who will make a difference in the world. 
Hale School is consistently ranked one of the top 10 schools in Western Australia, with outstanding academic results. 

Our focus is on the particular needs of boys and how they learn best. We cater to their strengths while enhancing their confidence and capacity in areas in need of development. 

Of course, boys still need interaction with girls, so Hale has a close connection with its sister school, St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School. 

Hale School is proud to attract families from a wide variety of backgrounds, which enhances our unique school culture. 

Hale is located in the north-western suburb of Wembley Downs and boasts a sprawling campus surrounded by natural bushland. Hale’s facilities give the boys access to multiple sporting fields, well-equipped buildings and performance spaces in a quiet suburban oasis. 


Hale School offers ATAR and General courses for Year 11 and 12 students, providing both university and alternative career pathways. 

Hale’s median ATAR in 2019 was 92.85 and Hale had the highest performing students in 16 ATAR courses: Accounting and Finance, Applied Information Technology, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering Studies, Geography, Literature, Materials Design and Technology, Mathematics Applications, Mathematics Specialist, Mathematics Methods, Music, Philosophy and Ethics, Physical Education Studies, Physics, and Visual Arts.

Hale School also offers selected high-achieving Senior School students the opportunity to study Cambridge Assessment International Education’s General Certificate of Secondary Education courses. The Cambridge subjects provide the opportunity for students to sit examinations in globally recognised courses. 

While Hale is known for academic excellence, we cater for all ability levels and aim to support each boy to reach his personal potential. Dedicated learning support specialists identify and assist students with learning difficulties, both in small group classes and in mainstream classrooms through differentiation. 

Co-curricular activities

Hale offers a complete and very successful sporting programme, which caters for the full ability range with many different teams in each sport. 

The music programme is regarded as one of the best in the nation due to its broad offerings, with more than 700 boys involved in the various bands, ensembles and choirs. 

Redfoot Youth Theatre is Hale’s community theatre group, which stages at least five shows each year with boys from Hale and girls from other local schools. 

Service Learning is very important and popular, and all students have opportunities to serve others, both inside and outside the school. 

Various annual tours and student exchanges provide unique opportunities to connect students’ learning beyond the classroom. 

An investment for life 

The benefits of a Hale School education do not stop when the boys finish school — mentoring opportunities with alumni and opportunities to connect with other graduates provide an important social and career network. 

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