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Maitland Christian School

Metford NSW

Maitland Christian School is a Prep to Year 12 private school providing Christian education for students, with the purpose of growing their faith, character and abilities. Maitland Christian School draws out the individual students’ strengths that make each student unique. Whether it be in the classroom, sporting field or through creative performance, our students excel. We are passionate at Maitland Christian School about ensuring your children reach their full potential as they discover their individual strengths. Creating students that are happy and engaged as they learn and develop is a driving factor for all we do. Producing a vibrant community where all students thrive and not only reach their full potential, but also become others-focused is our priority. Academic results and the outcome that your child wants to achieve are also a key indicator when choosing a school. At Maitland Christian School we are committed to your child’s wellbeing.

“Working with families and having an opportunity to bring about positive relations and contribute to the wellbeing of students and parents is a wonderful part of our work.” Jason Munro, Deputy Principal

Explicit Direction Instruction

Explicit Direct Instruction is a teacher-led, evidence-based, highly interactive, engaging way of teaching. It follows an I Do, We Do, You Do approach, where the teacher tells the students what they will be learning in the lesson, and what they will be able to successfully master by the end of the lesson. The teacher fully explains or models the new content first (I Do), then takes the students through carefully scaffolded, guided practice (We Do). Once the teacher is sure the students have successfully mastered the new content/skill, they are then released to complete similar work independently (You Do). Consistent, regular checking for understanding of the students happens throughout the whole lesson. Explicit Instruction is a teaching method that sets our students up for success!

We have a team of Instructional Coaches who work one-on-one with every member of the teaching staff, supporting them to successfully implement Explicit Instruction in the classroom. The goal is that every student receives excellent instruction every day in every class. Coaching happens within a supportive, encouraging environment. Coaches model and observe classroom practice, provide reflection and engage in regular professional conversation with the staff.

Talent to Strength Initiative (TSI)

Unearthing the wonderful potential in every child. Our TSI is a Strengths-based initiative that uses the Gallup StrengthFinder assessment tool to identify the strengths and gifts of individuals. Importantly, TSI provides students with a language for self-reflection and for interaction with those around them.

Staff have completed their own personal assessment and have had an individual coaching session to understand themselves and their colleagues. Staff, in understanding their own journey, can have a better appreciation of the journey students are on, in understanding their place in God’s world. A number of staff have undergone formal training in Strengths and are qualified Strengths coaches.

The initiative started in 2015 with senior students. Seeing the clear benefits for students, it is growing into a foundational aspect of school life.

“A key element of the TSI is the opportunity for students to grow in their understanding of who they are, aligned with their own development. Unearthing student talent through the Clifton StrengthsFinder is so rewarding and satisfying. I love seeing the students’ reactions to having a better understanding of themselves and realising for the first time who they are and what they can achieve.” Joshua Vine, Teacher

Faith from the inside out

At MCS, we have a unique perspective. We don’t just want to teach your kids to know about Jesus, we want them to love Jesus, to be equipped to take that message and serve Jesus and to have a focus on the goodness and wellbeing and love people. We want faith lived out, not just lived inside. Our missions program is a key element to give children the understanding, skills and awareness and the confidence to live out their Christian faith. Foundational at MCS is taking our Christian faith seriously. It’s embedded in all that we do and all that we teach. There is an uncompromising commitment that every child will learn how to make the world a better place and have a care and commitment for those around them, so they can make a difference in the lives of others.


The information on the fees tab is an indication and does’t show the generous 100% discounts for families with more than two students. We also offer fee assistance in some circumstances. Please contact the school directly to discuss these options in more detail. If you have any questions around our fees, call the school office to speak with our business manager or enrolments team.

Check out Maitland Christian School’s Fee Calculator, which uses 2021 fees to provide estimates for the current year, and forecasts for future years - future year estimates are indicative only.

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Principal: Mr Geoff Peet


75-81 Chelmsford Drive Metford New South Wales 2323

Tel: (02) 4933 7633

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