Heathdale Christian College - Melton Campus

Heathdale Christian College - Melton Campus

Melton VIC, Melbourne Western Suburbs

Message from the Principal

While the Heathdale Christian College community has been around for 38 years, the Melton campus is relatively young. We’re steadily growing and looking forward to moving into Year 8 in 2021, with this being our first graduating class in 2025.

The campus sits on purpose-built grounds that are beautiful and peaceful. The children have great fun here in the many open spaces and play facilities. As our community has steadily expanded, we’ve been renovating the Heritage-listed facilities to create diverse learning spaces, including a whole new Secondary precinct for our first Year 7 class in 2020.

This includes a multi-zone classroom with distinct areas that encourage collaboration and quiet reading as well as providing a traditional teaching environment; a custom-built

DigiTech facility; a fully-equipped science laboratory; and a dual-zone music space that caters for both group and individual learning programs.

Our college-wide values are that we Believe, Belong and Become. Everybody is accepted as they are, and we want each and every student to grow and realise their God-given potential. We share the promise of God’s love through everything we do.

It’s important to us that every child and family feels like they belong here. We don’t just enrol the child, we partner with parents to make sure your child feels accepted and welcomed so they can thrive.

Because we look at learning growth, it’s important to us at Heathdale that children grow in literacy and numeracy, and also in subject areas they might have a passion or natural inclination for. We work to develop a child’s love of the sciences and humanities, through our DigiTech program, French, music, sport, technology and art curricular and co-curricular programs. If then, for instance, a student has a deeper interest in music, they can get involved in an ensemble, choir or worship band, and our private instrumental music program offers a wide range of instrument choices. We work with every child where they start, and manage their learning growth throughout their years.

Principal of Melton Campus

Mr Ross Grace

Student Profiles

  • Laura

    Year Level: 7

    Laura is a Year 7 student who started her first year with us in 2020. Although COVID-19 meant she only had one full term in-person with her new classmates, Laura wrote an email to our Principal, Yvonne Harvey, saying ‘I’m sure you would know that this pandemic is making it hard for parents to find a suitable school for their students to fit into. I felt very welcome when I first arrived, and I’m sure that is what parents would want for their children.’ In her email, Laura had plenty of ideas about how to spread the word, so we asked her to start with her own experience as a new student coming to Heathdale. Here is what she had to say:

    ‘The first steps I took on the first day of Year 7 helped me not to be afraid of moving to a new school. As I walked to the door of the classroom, I saw another girl looking more nervous than me! I thought I’d seen her before. I’d moved over from one of the biggest primary schools in Melton, and before Heathdale, my family was thinking to move to one of three other schools. But I thought I would settle in nicely here — everyone seemed nice, the kind of people I’d want to hang around with — and I did. I made friends in no time — including with the nervous girl at the door — all of us girls get along really well, and with the boys, too. We also spend a lot of time with the Year 6 students and get along with the staff really well. The teachers are very good and make learning fun. As it is a pandemic while we’re learning this year, the school has been doing remote calls to help students so they don’t fall behind if they don’t understand the work. Overall, the school is a very friendly school and is a safe environment.’

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Principal: Mr Ross Grace


102 - 112 Centenary Avenue Melton Victoria 3337

Tel: (03) 8746 3100

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