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The Academy


The Academy is a Year 11 and 12 VCAL program for male students to complete their education through a hands-on learning approach. Our mission is for every student to be passionately engaged in their education and live a happy, fulfilling life.

The curriculum at The Academy is tailored in a way that allows students to take a proactive approach to their education. Designed for more practical learners, we’re removing the stigma associated with VCAL and proving that a real-world education is the key to success.

For the two years, students will be placed in an AFL-simulated environment that focuses on personal growth and high performance — creating a high-performance mindset by focusing on who they are and growing, rather than setting unrealistic goals.

Within the High-Performance program, each student has an athletic profile which is maintained to monitor individual development, with data collected during four replicated AFL combine sessions. It is then used to identify strengths and weaknesses for a tailored programme.

Our Personal Development Program equips students with tools to cope with the increased stresses of teenage life. To empower students to be proud of who they are and develop their emotional intelligence. To support this, The Academy Personal Development Journal includes weekly gratitude questions, mindfulness exercises and buddy programmes. Each student will also complete a personality profile (DISC) at the start of the year, to help them understand their own behaviour and better adapt to that of others.

We have future pathway options for students post their Academy experience in a wide range of careers and sectors. Year 12s complete ‘Launchpad’ which prepares them for the next steps of their journey, designed to lift the stress and anxiety students experience in this important transitional period of their lives.

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Academy Director: Mr Luke Surace

Academy Director: Mr Alex Rance


902 Mt Alexander Road Essendon Victoria 3040

37-61 Vines Road Hamlyn Heights Victoria 3215

Barr Reserve Wangaratta Victoria 3676

Tel: (03) 8539 2994

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