Gonzaga Barry Scholarship (full bursary) for Years 7-11

Loreto College


The Gonzaga Barry Scholarship is offered to new students wishing to enter Loreto College. A maximum of two scholarships will be awarded annually. To be eligible the student must be a daughter, granddaughter, or niece of an Old Scholar from Loreto College Marryatville. The scholarship is means-tested and is directed towards students who would not be able to attend Loreto College due to financial hardship. Students must also meet the all-rounder scholarship criteria. The all-rounder scholarship is based on presentation of a portfolio. The student will not only provide evidence of a growth mindset with regard to academic success but also demonstrate how they encapsulate the values of a Loreto education through their contribution to their schoo

Amount Full bursary

Gonzaga Barry ibvm was the foundress of Loreto Education in Australia. Her passion for girls’ education had a significant influence on the development of education across Australia. In order to celebrate Gonzaga Barry’s vision for the education of girls, this scholarship is aimed at providing a Loreto Education for girls that are related to a Loreto Marryatville Old Scholar and who would not be able to attend Loreto College without financial assistance. This scholarship acknowledges the long tradition of 145 years of Loreto Education in Australia and 115 years of Loreto Edu

Number per year 1
Gender Female
For Australian students
For international students
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