Blue Gum Community School Hornsby

Blue Gum Community School Hornsby

Hornsby NSW, Sydney Northern Suburbs

Not just any school

Blue Gum Community School Hornsby is a new co-ed independent school on Sydney’s north shore for preschool and primary school (Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2) students and their families, who are ready to ‘re-imagine education’.

Our strong belief — that every child comes with strengths, a desire to learn and a need to be known and celebrated in their uniqueness — shapes everything we do.

Our ethos is grounded in a strong commitment to social justice, especially the right of each child to feel valued; develop a sense of belonging; and be equipped with the essential academic and interpersonal skills for success and a meaningful life with others as independent, and interdependent life-long learners.

There are no school bells to interrupt children’s train of thought and creativity at Blue Gum. There is no PA system, or formal assemblies drowning out the sounds of nature; no school uniforms masking each student’s unique personality and joie de vivre. Instead, teachers and students come together each day as a colourful original ‘patchwork quilt’, each contributing their different passions and interests in a joint search for understanding and meaning.

All areas of learning are valued at Blue Gum, including those specified in the NSW Curriculum. Exploring the arts and learning outdoors are prioritised alongside core skills in literacy and mathematics.

Our high teacher-to-child ratios ensure meaningful relationships with each child and their family. In the preschool, two educators work alongside 16 children (cf. the state-mandated 2:20); in our primary school, one teacher works with up to 12 children.


Blue Gum Community Preschool offers a hands-on learning environment that inspires wonder and adventure. A place for our youngest students to learn, play and belong surrounded by nature, history, beauty and wonder.

Early literacy and numeracy experiences are naturally embedded in ‘real-life’ investigations. Each day is designed to invite their naturally joyful exploration of the world, as they learn through ‘doing’ in community with others.

Our five-day preschool program is especially beneficial for children in the year prior to starting kindergarten. Two-day and three-day preschool enrolment options are also available.

Primary School (K-2)

At Blue Gum we make time for thinking, reflecting, experimenting and talking through ideas. Instead of rushing children from one activity to the next, our educators recognise that time spent working with a peer or a small group on a project of interest — to unravel a mystery or solve a problem — results in deeper understanding than pushing them to a predetermined outcome in a set timeframe.

Every day presents opportunities to learn with others through conversation, research and collaborative investigations. Deep engagement, commitment and a love of learning are our goals for every Blue Gum student. Our teachers design daily learning experiences and provocations that invite deep inquiry, questioning and reflection, as students work towards mastering new skills.

K-2 students are learning core skills of numeracy and literacy across the breadth of the NSW Curriculum, through embedded learning experiences. Our re-imagined approach to early primary education ensures concepts are not just learnt, but also understood and retained.

We keep our K-2 classes very small to enable teachers to work with each child in a very personalised way. Every day, students are supported to question, design, think, problem-solve, experiment and learn in community; no two days are ever the same at Blue Gum Community School.

Key Facts

School uniform

No uniform

Gender in depth

Female: 50%

Male: 50%

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Offers IB

Accepts international students

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Principal: Ms Jill McLachlan


1 Rosemead Road Hornsby New South Wales 2077

Tel: (02) 9138 2019

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