Barker College

Barker College

Hornsby NSW, Sydney Northern Suburbs

Preparing for life beyond the school gates

A Barker education is shaped by our focus on preparing for a life beyond the school gates. For us, that’s a world where all people live, work and learn together. Since 1975, we’ve enrolled girls from Years 10 to 12. Looking to the future, we’re proud to have opened places for girls in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, Year 3, Year 7 and to be welcoming girls into Year 5 from 2021.

We believe Barker’s shift to a fully coeducational school will offer students more opportunities to learn mutual respect for their peers and excel in their individual endeavours.

Why a Barker education?

Barker aims to enable each student to grow into confident, independent, well-rounded and mature young adults prepared for active and responsible participation, as well as for service and leadership in the community.

The school maintains a strong reputation for excellent academic outcomes through the deliberate cultivation of a culture to support individual student achievement.

The teaching staff is committed to the school’s academic aims and objectives. Teachers work closely with students to support them in rising to the challenge in order to achieve their goals. Students are also expected to support one another in achieving their personal best.

Thriving at Barker

The foundation of effective education is wellbeing. At Barker, we aim to create an environment that affords all students experiences of connectedness, a sense of belonging, engagement and positive, respectful relationships based on equity and safety.

As a school we work hard to ensure that we can delight in a positive community where everyone has a place to be and is celebrated for who they are. Students are immersed in holistic learning experiences where wellbeing is carefully considered and integrated into academic learning, outdoor education, service learning, connect groups, the house system, co-curricular programs, sport, student academic care and support and through Christian faith development.

Co-curricular program

The experience inside the classroom is only one part of a Barker education. Co-curricular activities deepen the school experience for all our students, and from the arts to the sporting field, students are encouraged to challenge themselves and uncover their talents.

For Pre-K to Year 6 students, we offer a broad range of sporting, cultural and recreational co-curricular activities. Throughout Years 7 to 12, our students have even greater opportunities to pursue their passions. As well as drama, music, cadets and over 20 different sports, Barker students can challenge themselves in the areas of robotics, debating and public speaking.

Our students also take part in compulsory outdoor education camps. In this unfamiliar environment, students connect with the natural world while building leadership and teamwork skills.

Outstanding facilities

Sport is an integral and compulsory part of school life at Barker College. Participation in team sports from Year 3 allows a healthy competition and skills development, which are essential elements in the development of well-balanced young people. Our primary aim is to provide all students with an enjoyable sporting experience, where excellence is pursued and individual potential is realised.

Set on 50 acres, Barker students are offered a wide choice of sports and benefit from the excellent sporting facilities available to them. In 2020 a new purpose-designed sports and learning precinct opened. The Rosewood Centre provides five indoor courts, gym and exercise spaces, rooms for dance, teaching areas, viewing platform and parking for over 150 cars.

Key Facts

School uniform

The uniform is compulsory

Gender in depth

Female: 40%

Male: 60%

Other Requirements

Boarding school

Offers IB

Accepts international students

Our Curriculum

Subjects Overview

Math classes: streamed
English classes: vertical and streamed
LOTE taught:
Chinese, French, Japanese, Latin

Activities & Support Staff

Accelerated learning

Accelerated learning (3)


Activities (48)


Extra-curricular (13)


Music (29)


Sports (30)

Support Staff

Support Staff (45)

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Head of School: Mr Phillip Health


91 Pacific Highway Hornsby New South Wales 2077

Tel: (02) 8438 7999

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