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ELTHAM College

ELTHAM College

VIC, Melbourne Northern Suburbs







About ELTHAM College

ELTHAM College provides a unique, supportive and challenging environment where every person has the opportunity to discover their talents and unleash their potential. Set on a picturesque 40 hectares on the north-eastern fringe of Melbourne, ELTHAM College is a non-denominational, coeducational, independent, non-selective school encompassing Early Learning to Year 12. ELTHAM College strives to be a centre of excellence and a valuable resource for the local community, and together we are proud to be a part of a learning journey that will grow the hearts and minds of the next generation.

ELTHAM College grows the heart and mind of each child. We believe school is a daring adventure where children are educated for a future of exciting possibilities. We offer a truly independent approach that recognises each student’s individuality while providing challenging and diverse subject combinations that inspire, motivate and captivate.

A thinking culture

The thinking environment at ELTHAM College provides a climate where students develop and maximise their potential — becoming confident, passionate and resilient, and equipped to extend their learning within a forward-thinking, individually tailored, technology-rich environment. The ultimate aim of an ELTHAM education is to create an environment for unlimited learning.

The college is constantly adapting to the changing needs of young people and their world. We pride ourselves on a culture of excellence and creativity. A collaborative environment helps our teachers focus on uncovering students’ individual talents, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to education. To achieve their potential in a culture of academic excellence, ELTHAM adapts to your child’s needs in a climate where they are encouraged to make decisions, accept responsibilities appropriate to their age, and manage their time.

Unlocking potential

Whereveryour child’s talents and interests lie, ELTHAM can help unlock their potential. We are proud to have a broad, creative and academic curriculum, offering a range of programs designed to encourage collaboration and teamwork. These diverse programs support students to discover how they might fulfil their aspirations for life beyond the school environment. Following is a small sample of our programs:
Learning in depth
This program is described as an innovation in curriculum and instruction, designed to ensure that all students become experts in something during their school years. Introduced in Year 7, each child is given a particular topic to learn about “in depth” throughout their school career, in addition to the usual curriculum. This then enables them to build a personal portfolio on the given topic.
Year 9 city experience
The city campus experience deliberately targets Year 9 students at this crucial phase in their adolescent development, with an education deeply embedded in the technological, cultural, social and artistic centre of Melbourne. Our desired outcomes for students include maximising academic potential and achievement, development of character and global responsibility.
VCE extended investigation
Extended is a challenging Unit 3 and 4 subject designed to enable students to conduct a rigorous study using inquiry learning and critical-thinking skills.
LifeWork services
Our LifeWork Centre is the hub of the Senior School. LifeWork counsellors work with each student to discover their individual pathways to success. These staff members develop a relationship with students and their parents to investigate options, develop programs, encourage dreams and facilitate opportunities.

With access to world-class teachers and facilities that include a state-of-the-art music and performance centre, a heated indoor swimming pool and sports stadium, a vast number of sporting fields, and a purpose-built media and visual arts building, your child’s opportunities are limitless.

I encourage you and your family to attend one of our ELTHAM in Action school tours where you will see just how amazing an ELTHAM College education can be.

For an unparalleled education, visit to book on a tour and find your child’s voice today.

Research campus:
1660 Main Road Research Melbourne VIC 3095
(03) 9437 1421
(03) 9437 0038

City campus:

398 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Mr Simon Le Plastrier

Key facts

School uniform

School Uniform

The uniform is compulsory and enforced

Number of students

Total enrolment: 600
Up to Year 6: 187
In high school: 413
In Year 12: 90

Gender in depth

Other requirements

Boarding school

Offer IB

Accepts international students

Offers VCAL

Offers VET

Our Curriculum

Senior secondary subjects overview

Senior Secondary Subjects overivew

47 VCE level 3/4 studies
128 VCE students

Senior secondary programs overview

Senior Secondary programs overivew

15 VET program(s) available
90 VET students

How our students performed in Year 12

VCE Results

Scores of 40+ 15%

Median Score 33

Satisfactory completions of VCE 100%

Satisfactory completions of VET 93%


Bachelor enrolled 58%

TAFE/VET enrolled 16%

Apprentice/Trainee 9%

Employed 4%

Activities and Support staff



12 music options
view all



21 sporting activities
view all



16 other clubs, activities and services
view all

Support staff

Support Staff

15 support staff
view all

School Details

Principal: Mr Simon Le Plastrier

1660 Main Rd Research VIC 3095
398 Lonsdale St Melbourne VIC 3000

Tel: (03) 9437 1421

School Profile:

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