Melbourne Girls Grammar

Melbourne Girls Grammar

South Yarra VIC, Melbourne Southern Suburbs & Western Port

At Melbourne Girls Grammar (MGGS), we focus on developing and empowering young women, working with and inspiring each girl as they journey through the school.

From Early Learning through to our Senior Years Program and onto some of the world’s best tertiary providers, our students reach the workforce with the confidence, self-direction and integrity to achieve anything they set their minds to.

MGGS is a modern school, with an immense and impressive history, that has adapted and innovated to offer exceptional educational opportunities for contemporary girls. Our legacy of over 125 years provides us with the foresight to prepare your daughter for an unknown future.

Our programs are designed to focus on the needs of your daughter through personalised learning programs that build competencies and extend capabilities. MGGS provides authentic opportunities to learn and engage with real-world experiences – international programs, internships and leadership development – to prepare your daughter for an increasingly complex and globally connected world. 

In all year levels, we reinforce and encourage student centred learning. We want your daughter to always learn and practice important life skills. This extends to our focus on wellbeing and how we support the social, emotional and physical health of girls. 


The Artemis Centre is a purpose-built facility that has become the heart of the school and is the physical embodiment of our commitment to the wellbeing of girls. It provides a safe and welcoming space for girls of all ages to be physically active, but it’s also a facility to support the changing learning needs of your daughter. 

MGGS provides unique opportunities to learn all elements of wellbeing. We believe that an exceptional education for life provides not only academic skills and attributes but also emotional and physical wellbeing. 


To enhance the MGGS education, diverse co-curricular options are offered across the school. Your daughter will be encouraged and inspired to explore and develop an interest or passion to maximise her learning potential. 

Students at MGGS are exposed to a broad range of activities and opportunities across disciplines, such as music, drama, dance, fine art, swimming, athletics and STEM clubs. Understanding the diverse interests and requirements of each child places us in a unique position to offer a range of opportunities in a supportive, collaborative environment. 

Early Learning and Junior Years

In the Early Learning and Junior Years, our focus is on providing the foundations of learning within a positive environment. Imagination, curiosity and inquiry lead to discovery. We reinforce that anything is possible and equip your daughter with the skills, knowledge and confidence she needs to transition through the school.

Middle Years

The Middle Years Program provides the opportunity to deep-dive into key learning concepts and skills. We encourage our girls to use their imaginations and develop solutions to problems that interest and engage them through inquiry-based projects. MGGS students harness their intellectual and creative potential in an environment where they are empowered.


Key Facts

School uniform

The uniform is compulsory

Number of students

Total enrolment: 1130
Up to Year 6: 370
In high school: 760
In Year 12: 135

Gender in depth

Female: 100%

Male: 0%

Other Requirements

Boarding school

Offers IB

Accepts international students

Offers VCE VM

Offers VET

Our Curriculum

Subjects Overview

Math classes: mixed
English classes: mixed
LOTE taught:
Chinese, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish

Senior secondary subjects overview

43 VCE level 3/4 studies
238 VCE students

Senior secondary programs overview

5 VET program(s) available
7 VET students

How our students performed in Year 12

Academic Results

Scores of 40+: 19%

Median Score: 34

Satisfactory completions of VCE: 100%

Satisfactory completions of VET: 93%


Bachelor enrolled: 95%

Activities & Support Staff

Accelerated learning

Accelerated learning (4)


Activities (65)


Extra-curricular (4)


Music (40)


Sports (41)

Support Staff

Support Staff (68)

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School Details









Principal: Dr Toni E. Meath


86 Anderson St South Yarra Victoria 3141

100 Caroline St South Yarra Victoria 3141

Tel: (03) 9862 9200

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