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South Yarra VIC, Melbourne Southern Suburbs & Western Port

In the Early Learning and Junior Years, our focus is on providing the foundations of learning within a positive learning environment. We reinforce that anything is possible and equip your daughter with the skills she needs to transition through the school.

We place emphasis upon the environment in which our girls learn for them to feel free to think critically and be creative. The importance of student-centred learning starts early with the onus on a rich and diverse curriculum to develop fundamental skills for life. 

What sets MGGS apart is our philosophy towards encouraging play-based learning through intentional teaching that results in confident, capable problem solvers and students that are hungry for knowledge. We provide open learning spaces that are architecturally designed to promote wonder, possibility and challenge. Here, our girls also learn the importance of collaboration, celebrate the diversity of ideas and opinions and build confidence in who they are and what they can contribute.

Your daughter will be encouraged to take an active role in her academic journey. At MGGS, we will support, nurture and encourage her so she can uncover her passions, explore new interests and take part in practical, hands-on experiences. 

Everything we do at MGGS starts and ends with the wellbeing of our girls in mind. Wellbeing is the responsibility of everyone in our community as we nurture the social and emotional development of each individual. 

Early Learning Program

Laying the foundations of fundamental skills in literacy and numeracy is just one of the goals our educators set out to achieve. Ensuring your daughter is nurtured, safe, empowered and respected is equally as important. We believe the best program for ELC learners is one that recognises the importance of play and developing social and physical capabilities alongside laying the foundations for academic achievement. 

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects are integrated through activities and play with sophisticated concepts such as velocity and distance evolving through provocations and hands-on explorations and investigations. Whether that’s in the building blocks they create with, through songs about our world or the devices they use to enhance their learning experiences.

The beginning of any journey is important. We understand the importance of effective transition. Our educators work collaboratively in order to assist your daughter’s smooth transition. This occurs in preparation and during the transition period when they join the ELC and then again ahead of progressing to the Junior Years Program. Over 70 per cent of our ELC students continue onto our Junior Years program.

Respectful, reciprocal relationships between students, families and educators ensure each girl’s Transition Program is well planned. By knowing our students so well – their strengths and challenges – we can ensure a successful and cohesive transition. 

The Junior Years Program (Prep-Year 4)

Children are bursting with curiosity and creativity, and at MGGS these qualities are emphasised, developed and extended. In the Junior Years Program, girls are offered practical, hands-on experiences to stimulate critical thinking and extend their appreciation and awareness of the world they live in. We do so by integrating STEM subjects into activities and play and encourage inquiring minds to identify problems and work with others to develop solutions to real-world issues.

Academic learning is integrated with social development, positive relationships and an understanding of personal responsibility. Our curriculum is rich and diverse with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy and developing fundamental skills, knowledge and competencies essential for life. Specialist teachers provide enriching learning experiences as to broaden interests, identify passions and demonstrate the importance of balance.

Key Facts

School uniform

The uniform is compulsory

Number of students

Total enrolment: 1130
Up to Year 6: 370
In high school: 760
In Year 12: 135

Gender in depth

Female: 100%

Male: 0%

Other Requirements

Boarding school

Offers IB

Accepts international students

Offers VCE VM

Offers VET

Our Curriculum

Subjects Overview

Math classes: mixed
English classes: mixed
LOTE taught:
Chinese, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish

Senior secondary subjects overview

43 VCE level 3/4 studies
238 VCE students

Senior secondary programs overview

5 VET program(s) available
7 VET students

How our students performed in Year 12

Academic Results

Scores of 40+: 19%

Median Score: 34

Satisfactory completions of VCE: 100%

Satisfactory completions of VET: 93%


Bachelor enrolled: 95%

Activities & Support Staff

Accelerated learning

Accelerated learning (4)


Activities (65)


Extra-curricular (4)


Music (40)


Sports (41)

Support Staff

Support Staff (68)

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School Details









Principal: Dr Toni E. Meath


86 Anderson St South Yarra Victoria 3141

100 Caroline St South Yarra Victoria 3141

Tel: (03) 9862 9200

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