Marcellin College

Marcellin College

Bulleen VIC, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Marcellin College is an inclusive faith learning community where encounter with self, place, God, and the other, creates opportunities for every young man to unlock his inherent possibility. Our focus is developing young men who can one day take their place in society as active contributors, empowering them to be agents of social change and human advancement. 

A leader in boys’ education since 1950, our College has built an outstanding reputation for excellence in learning, life, and faith, enabling students to develop with character, confidence and competence. State-of-the-art facilities and extensive Christian Service, academic, sport and arts curricular and co-curricular programs inspire each young man to simply be more and achieve their personal best in the classroom and beyond. 

Most Australian schools rely on an educational model created a century ago. Students experience a static curriculum taught at a standardised pace by one teacher teaching one subject at a time. That worked well for many decades, preparing generations of young Australians for productive citizenship in an industrialising society. But the world has moved on, with massive implications for the future of education and the world of work.

We recognise that our world is changing faster than ever before, and our children will live vastly different lives than the ones we know today. For our children to thrive and flourish in this new era, we urgently need to change education and schooling. 

The Marcellin Difference: Polaris recognises and develops the young men in our care as truly whole human beings. We aspire to cultivate a balance of foundational literacies, character attributes and key capability skills to navigate the world as compassionate Christians and ethical global citizens. 

We seek to equip each young man with the context they need to comprehend the world they live in and help them build the necessary critical and creative thinking to better understand and positively contribute to society. Polaris aspires to foster a robust and inquisitive mind, allowing each young man to emerge, grow and thrive.

Polaris is about future-proofing. Exploring the learning of tomorrow is an act of stewardship to our future communities and to the young people who will live in them. We can’t entirely predict what the world of the future will look like. As a result, we equip our young men to be as prepared as possible for any version of what lies ahead. Within a safe and nurturing learning environment, all young men are supported to develop their independence, self-awareness, character and the academic competence that they will need to meet the challenges of our constantly evolving world. We hope for each young man to become courageous and entrepreneurial thinkers capable of inventiveness, adaptability and social and emotional resilience. Ultimately our young men are called to explore new ways of thinking, preparing them to navigate the unknowns of tomorrow.

In astronomy Polaris is the brightest star in Ursa Minor; the polestar or North Star, a star of the second magnitude situated close to the north pole of the heavens, the outermost star in the handle of the Little Dipper.

The future world is full of great possibility – we invite you to join us on this remarkable journey called Polaris.


Key Facts

School uniform

The uniform is compulsory

Number of students

Total enrolment: 1433
In high school: 1433
In Year 12: 223

Other Requirements

Boarding school

Offers IB

Accepts international students

Offers VCAL

Offers VET

Our Curriculum

Subjects Overview

Math classes: streamed and mixed
English classes: mixed
LOTE taught:
Chinese, Indonesian, Italian

Senior secondary subjects overview

46 VCE level 3/4 studies
337 VCE students

Senior secondary programs overview

15 VET program(s) available
115 VET students
VCAL Available

How our students performed in Year 12

Academic Results

Scores of 40+: 9%

Median Score: 30

Satisfactory completions of VCE: 100%

Satisfactory completions of VET: 89%


Bachelor enrolled: 66%

TAFE/VET enrolled: 8%

Apprentice/Trainee: 15%

Employed: 4%

Activities & Support Staff

Accelerated learning

Accelerated learning (4)


Activities (101)


Music (31)


Sports (13)

Support Staff

Support Staff (62)

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School Details









Principal: Mr Marco Di Cesare


160 Bulleen Rd Bulleen Victoria 3105

Tel: (03) 9851 1589

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