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Sacred Heart Girls' College - Hughesdale VIC

Catholic 7-12 Female School

About Sacred Heart Girls' College

Sacred Heart Girls’ College is a Catholic school that was established by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (RNDM) in 1957. The college builds on the inspirational traditions of the founder of the congregation, Euphrasie Barbier. It was Euphrasie who had a dream ‘that all people would be loved, honoured and respected for the wonderful gifts of their difference and the amazing gifts of our oneness’. Sacred Heart seeks to bring this vision into reality as it educates young women to confidently take their place in the world of the 21st century.

This is a community that enables young women to engage fully in life as they prepare for the journey beyond secondary education. In partnership with families, each student is given the support to develop all those attributes and skills of lifelong learning: initiative and excellence; confidence and self-esteem; discipline and dedication; self awareness and generosity of spirit; integrity and honesty; creativity and imagination; and an understanding of their spirituality. The college motto — semper superne nitens, always striving upwards — encapsulates life at Sacred Heart.

Key Facts


The uniform is compulsory and enforced


1022 students all in secondary (Big)
170 in Year 12
244 in VCE level 3/4 Units
12 in VET


100% girls

Overview of the Curriculum

Math classes are of mixed ability.
English classes are of mixed ability.

Languages: French, Indonesian, Italian

Overview of senior secondary subjects

42 VCE level 3/4 studies, VET programs available;

LOTE taught to Unit 4 level: French, Indonesian, Italian

Selected senior secondary results

13% study scores of 40+;
median study score of 33;
satisfactory completions of VCE 100%, of VET 93%

Activities and Support

10 music options; 25 sporting activities; 58 other clubs or activities; 43 support staff.


92% to university
8% to TAFE

113 Warrigal Rd, Hughesdale VIC 3166 Australia

Mr Christopher Dalton

Ms Anne Wilks

Tel: 03 9568 5488




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