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Latest News

Five facts about university offers

16 January 2017

As the new year gets underway, so too does the nervous wait for university offers.

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A parent guide to university offers

16 January 2017

If your child is one of the thousands of students awaiting a tertiary place, let us address your concerns.

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Is university the right choice for your child?

16 January 2017

While university is certainly an end goal for many, it's important to discuss tertiary options with your child and whether university is a path they'd like to pursue.

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ATARs and other examination terms explained

30 November 2016

With end-of-year exams around the corner, it's easy to get lost among the exam terms being thrown around. Read on as we explain some of those you are most likely to come across.

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What to do if your child's ATAR is lower than expected

30 November 2016

If your child receives a score that doesn't quite match their expectations (or your own), our three-step checklist can help.

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Your child has their ATAR, now what?

30 November 2016

With the year wrapping up, the wait is almost over for Year 12 results. We address some of the most common parent queries.

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Let's talk about bullying

21 November 2016

Bullying is still a huge topic in Australian education.

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Alternative Education: The facts about Montessori

17 November 2016

Developed in 1897, the Montessori educational approach is an alternative to mainstream kindergarten. Find out more with our handy guide.

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How to assist your child through the Year 12 exam period

02 November 2016

Give your child the best possible chance to prosper during their Year 12 exams with our helpful advice!

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Round up of The Nobel Prizes 2016

10 October 2016

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Should your child do IB?

20 September 2016

For students who are unsure about their future direction but enjoy a holistic curriculum, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) may provide a great option.

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Is boarding school right for my child?

05 September 2016

Sending your child to boarding school commands a lot of debate amongst parents in Australia. We look at the pros and cons of this style of schooling.

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The parents' guide to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award

02 September 2016

For over 60 years, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (Duke of Ed) has run as an international youth development program, challenging individuals to engage with their communities and develop key leadership skills.

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Should your child do an apprenticeship or traineeship?

12 August 2016

Apprenticeships and traineeships are available in more than 500 occupations in Australia. They span everything from traditional trades to a diverse range of established and emerging industries.

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How to get the most out of school open days

09 August 2016

Visiting a school is a chance for you to see where your child will be spending a big chunk of their life. It is important to know that they are in a place where they will be comfortable and safe, as well as challenged and engaged.

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The advantages of extracurricular activities

19 July 2016

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities during their time at school - from sport, music and drama to personal development and community service programs.

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The parents' guide to casual and part-time jobs

19 July 2016

If your child is thinking about taking their first step into the workforce, read on as we answer a few common questions.

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Winter holiday activity guide

23 June 2016

With the end of term nearing closer for most schools, it's time to start brainstorming holiday activities for the break.

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State budget wrap-up: New South Wales and Queensland

22 June 2016

After the release of the Federal and Victorian budgets last month, the 2016-17 New South Wales and Queensland state budgets have now been revealed.

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Applications for select-entry schools close on 13 May

11 May 2016

Victoria's four selective academic entry government high schools provide a specialised environment for academically talented students in Years 9 to 12.

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Are you too involved in your child's homework?

10 May 2016

It?s not uncommon for parents to help their kids with homework, but at what point does this become harmful to their learning?

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Budget 2016 targets youth unemployment

04 May 2016

The 2016-17 Federal Budget reveals a strong focus on getting young people into work, with the $840 million Youth Employment Package.

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What you need to know about academic scholarships

14 April 2016

If you're exploring your child's scholarship options, here's what you should keep in mind throughout the process.

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What's all the fuss about learning spaces?

13 April 2016

What's all the fuss about learning spaces? Classroom and school design is changing rapidly along with our understanding of how students learn best. What are the issues and where are we heading?

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The benefits of Kumon-style tutoring

13 April 2016

The Kumon Method of learning gives children so much more than fundamental maths and English skills. With over 4.2 million enrolments globally, we look at what makes Kumon the most popular tutoring service in the world.

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Social media guide for parents

05 April 2016

It's no secret that social media is a popular way for people to communicate - but for parents, it can be hard to keep up with all the latest developments.

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Queensland students to receive ATARs from 2019

22 March 2016

Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones has revealed details of the state?s senior secondary overhaul, with the Overall Position (OP) set to be replaced by the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).

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Top Queensland schools in 2015

09 March 2016

With the release of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority's Year 12 Outcomes report, the top-performing schools in Queensland for 2015 have now been revealed.

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The facts about cut-off scores and university entry

29 February 2016

As a parent, there's a lot to take in when your child starts Year 12. One of the main sources of concern is your child's final marks (ATAR or OP).

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Your child's Year 12 survival checklist

10 February 2016

With the new school year upon us, Year 12 students are feeling mixed emotions. We offer some of our best tips to help your child 'survive' Year 12 in one piece.

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Victoria opens two P-Tech schools

02 February 2016

The Pathways in Technology (P-Tech) model is being unveiled in Victorian schools as part of the federal government's innovation and science agenda.

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National youth survey reveals students' concerns beyond school

14 January 2016

The results from Mission Australia's annual Youth Survey have been released, with the 2015 report providing a spotlight on students' future work and study plans, as well as their concerns.

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Your state's top schools for 2015

08 January 2016

With the release of ATARs and final results in December, the top schools for 2015 have been revealed.

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Summer holiday activities in your state

30 November 2015

If you're racking your brain trying to think of ways to keep the kids busy, we take a look at some of the activities happening in your state - from Christmas celebrations to events and festivals in the new year and beyond.

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National curriculum update

11 November 2015

Implementation of the Australian Curriculum has continued in 2015, with all states and territories now teaching the national syllabus for English, Mathematics and Science from Foundation to Year 10.

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What is 'enterprise education'?

23 October 2015

You may have heard the term 'enterprise education'. We explain what it is, how it's used in schools and why it's important.

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How is Australia dealing with the STEM crisis?

19 October 2015

With low uptake of science and mathematics subjects by school students and dwindling interest in related tertiary courses, there's much to be done to raise the appeal of STEM disciplines.

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Government puts university fee deregulation on hold

01 October 2015

If your child is looking at their post-school study options, you may be concerned about the higher education reforms introduced in last year's Federal Budget - primarily the proposed deregulation of university fees.

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Your child's gap year options: working overseas

25 September 2015

If travelling overseas is on your child's radar, we explore some of the exciting gap year opportunities they may consider when they head abroad.

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Workforce automation to hit young Australians over next decade

08 September 2015

Research from the Foundation for Young Australians has revealed that almost two thirds of Australian students are training for jobs that won't exist or are set to change drastically in the future.

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Five great reasons for your child to consider VCAL

31 August 2015

Introduced in 2002, VCAL offers hands-on training and a great pathway into work for a wide range of students.

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St Luke's looks beyond technology to redefine relevance

12 August 2015

St Luke's is able to provide consistency to students, both academically and behaviourally, as they transform from children to young men and women, ready to take their place in the world.

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Are single-sex schools better than coeducational schools?

10 August 2015

While the vast majority of Australian schools are coeducational, single-sex schooling is a popular choice for many families. We present some of the latest news on gendered schooling in Australia.

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Let our students inspire you at KRB

16 July 2015

Kincoppal-Rose Bay School is a leading Catholic independent school with more than 130 years of experience in 'educating hearts and minds'.

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Queensland to benefit from significant education spend in state budget

16 July 2015

Education is a clear winner in the Queensland Budget 2015-16, with $12.4 billion in funding provided for the vocational sector, schools and the teaching profession.

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New South Wales Budget provides funding for schools and TAFEs

23 June 2015

The New South Wales 2015-16 Budget has been released, with a heavy focus on new infrastructure and services. Here are some of the highlights for families and students.

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Should maths and science be compulsory in Year 12?

10 June 2015

Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne has put forward a proposal to enforce study of a maths or science subject in Year 12. We take a look at what the changes would mean for your child, as well as some of the arguments on both sides.

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21st century learning for girls

05 June 2015

What is innovative learning? What's the difference between the 20th and 21st century learning style? In 2015, we as teachers and parents need to understand, acknowledge and act on the different ways in which today's kids learn.

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Winter school holiday survival guide

03 June 2015

With the winter holidays around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how you'll keep the kids busy until they head back to school.

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What you need to know about academic tuition

19 May 2015

If your child could benefit from some extra assistance with their schoolwork, you may consider getting a tutor.

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Federal Budget delivers good news for school students and families

13 May 2015

The federal government's Budget has been released overnight, delivering largely positive news for school students and families.

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Victorian Budget: how it will affect you and your family

06 May 2015

In what Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas has called a budget for families, some of the most significant investments will go towards schools.

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How to get your child out of their comfort zone

28 April 2015

If you want your child to extend their options and get out of their comfort zone, it's all about ensuring they try new things.

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Spotlight on Kambala high achievers

13 April 2015

Kambala recognises the success of two high achievers in both the 2014 HSC and International Baccalaureate Program. These outstanding young women epitomise the "Kambala student" and we congratulate them.

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Study abroad options in Australian secondary schools

02 April 2015

Studying overseas can be daunting, but it also offers a number of fantastic opportunities for students.

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Victorian students struggle with the transition to high school

23 March 2015

More needs to be done to support students in their transition from primary to secondary school, according to a new report by Victorian Auditor-General John Doyle.

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Choosing the right school for your child

06 March 2015

Choosing a school is no easy feat. There's a lot to consider and it's made no simpler by the many ways in which schools vary.

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Online education continues to expand in schools

28 February 2015

With the rapid rise and constantly changing face of technology and online mediums, it's only natural that technology starts to find its way into the classroom.

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Academic terminology glossary

06 February 2015

If you feel like you're trying to learn another language when reading about your child's schooling, we explain some of the jargon you may encounter.

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Five tips to help your child prepare for the new school year

28 January 2015

With school back for the year, now is the best time for your child to start developing good study habits. We list a few tips to help them enjoy their year and succeed academically.

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School holiday activities in your state

07 January 2015

With summer holidays still going, you may be wondering how to keep your kids busy until school goes back. If you're running out of ideas, we've put together five of the best school holiday activities on offer in your state.

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Top New South Wales schools in 2014

19 December 2014

With the release of HSC scores comes the annual list of top schools in New South Wales.

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Top VCE schools 2014

18 December 2014

With the release of Victorian ATARs this week, it's time to reveal Victoria's top-performing schools for 2014.

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The facts about your child's ATAR/OP

08 December 2014

Not only does December mark the end of the year, Christmas and summer holidays - it is also the month for Year 12 final results!

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What you need to know about school policies

04 December 2014

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the policies in place at your child's school, particularly if you're relying on your child for information.

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Exploring summer work experience opportunities

17 November 2014

With the summer holidays approaching, you're going to want to know how to keep the kids busy. If you have older children who are approaching the end of their time at school, a work experience stint is an option worth considering.

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Your child's options if they don't want to do Year 12

12 November 2014

While leaving school in Year 10 may have been common practice in the past, these days more and more students are opting to make the most of some of the alternative education options available.

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Exam revision tips for your child

28 October 2014

If your child is currently preparing for end-of-year assessments, read on as we list some tips to help them make the most of time spent studying.

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Review calls for shake-up of Australian Curriculum

13 October 2014

A review of the Australian Curriculum is pushing for a 'back to basics' approach to what has been described as an overcrowded curriculum.

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An update on education news in your state

01 October 2014

There's always a lot going on in the education sector, so it can be hard to keep up. To help you out, we've summarised some of the biggest news items affecting school education.

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A guide to apprenticeships and traineeships

05 September 2014

If your child is looking for a practical training option, an apprenticeship or traineeship may be of interest.

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2014 preliminary NAPLAN results released

20 August 2014

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has released the preliminary results from the 2014 National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) test.

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Assisting your child with university course preferences

11 August 2014

As a parent, you play a vital role in supporting your child and helping them through the course preference period.

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The parents' guide to senior subject choices

29 July 2014

If your child is preparing to enter their final years of school, read on as we answer some of the most common questions about Year 11 and 12 subject selection.

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University open day tips for parents

17 July 2014

If you're getting ready to visit universities, we offer some tips on how to get the most out of your open day experience.

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Helping your child manage study stress

02 July 2014

As students come into the second half of the school year, many parents will be wondering how they can help their Year 12 child deal with the stress and pressures of their final few months at school.

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Why your child should study a language at school

16 June 2014

With the federal government recently allocating funding towards improving the uptake of languages in schools, we take a look at the benefits for your child.

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How independent public schools may change Australian education

05 June 2014

Earlier this year, the federal government pledged $70 million to assist public schools to exercise greater autonomy through the Independent Public Schools (IPS) initiative.

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What the Budget means for your child's schooling

16 May 2014

Released in May, the federal government's Budget will see Australian families facing a number of changes, many of which will affect school and further education.

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Five social media safety tips for parents

13 May 2014

Although social media certainly has many benefits, it is natural to be concerned that your child may run into trouble or have a negative experience online.

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Parental influence on children's educational aspirations

16 April 2014

For many students, parental influence is a no more than a push in the right direction. For others, the pressure to succeed can be overwhelming and lead to setbacks down the track.

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Sampling tertiary study during the high school years

04 April 2014

If your child is in their last few years of school, you may not be aware that they can sample tertiary study before they graduate.

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Selective entry schooling in Victoria

13 March 2014

Selective entry schools provide an alternative to mainstream schooling for academically gifted students. There are four government sector selective entry high schools in Victoria.

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Early childhood programs and their benefits

11 March 2014

Early childhood programs are an important first step towards compulsory schooling, giving children a head start on their education and the skills necessary to succeed in their first year of school.

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Top 10 educational apps for kids

21 February 2014

Smartphones and tablets and the apps that go with them can have a reputation for being time wasters and distractions, but they aren?t just for games or social networking.

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School leadership opportunities for your child

07 February 2014

As early as primary school, your child will have numerous opportunities to hone their leadership potential.

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Five tips for parents of new Year 12s

30 January 2014

The thought of your child starting Year 12 can be daunting. To make the year ahead as smooth as possible, we've come up with five tips for approaching your child's final year at school.

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Survey reveals the cost of an Australian school education

22 January 2014

A survey conducted by the Australian Scholarships Group (ASG) has exposed the price of an Australian school education, revealing the costs parents can expect to pay to put their children through the government, Catholic and independent school sectors.

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Victorian Government announces plans for online school exams

09 January 2014

Victorian school exams could soon be completed online under an assessment overhaul proposed by the state government.

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Top 20 schools in Victoria

19 December 2013

VCE results are not only a measure of individual students' performance against their cohort; they also provide a good indication of school's academic excellence for parents choosing a school.

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Top schools in New South Wales revealed

19 December 2013

The top schools in New South Wales have been revealed, determined by each school's proportion of students who achieved a score of 90 per cent or above in an HSC study.

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The advantages and disadvantages of homework

09 December 2013

The purpose of homework is to bridge the gap between children's learning at school and at home, but just how relevant is it to the modern generation?

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Five ways to keep your child busy over the holidays

09 December 2013

Keeping your kids busy over the holidays can be a challenge. Luckily, our five tips can help.

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An update on independent public schools

12 November 2013

The federal government has committed to assisting a quarter of the country's public schools to gain independent status by 2017.

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Is homeschooling an option for your child?

22 October 2013

Popularly known as home education, homeschooling provides families with a legal alternative to a formal school-based learning experience.

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How to prepare your child to move out of home

14 October 2013

If your child is getting ready to move out of home, our checklist can help.

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What to do if your child wants to change schools

25 September 2013

It can be difficult to know what to do when your child wants to change schools. To help, we've provided a short checklist to help you navigate the process.

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New online opportunities for Australian students

13 September 2013

Online education is expanding in Australia, with a host of new opportunities available to students at secondary level.

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The facts about tertiary study applications

06 September 2013

As Year 12 students move into the tertiary application period, we've set out to answer some of the questions you might have about your child's application.

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Your child's tertiary study options

20 August 2013

If your child is coming to end of their time at secondary school, you may be wondering about their tertiary study options.

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Queensland OP system under review

05 August 2013

The Queensland Government has commissioned the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to review its school leaver assessment rank, the Overall Position (OP).

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Victoria signs up to Better Schools Plan

05 August 2013

Victoria has reached an agreement with the federal government on the Better Schools Plan that will see the state's schools receive an extra $12.2 billion of funding over the next six years.

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Extracurricular options for your child

29 July 2013

Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities during their schooling years.

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Should your child get a part-time job?

16 July 2013

Many parents ponder whether it's a good idea for their children to work during their school years. Although there's no definitive answer, this article discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of casual and part-time work during school years.

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What you need to know about applying for independent schools

01 July 2013

This checklist describes everything you need to know about applying for independent schools, including the ins and outs of selection policies, application fees and deadlines, and more.

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Gonski school funding reform: what's happening now?

27 June 2013

In light of the federal government's recent political turmoil and leadership change, you may be wondering how the Gonski school funding reforms have been affected. Let us fill you in on the state of affairs as they now stand.

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Digital learning in Australian classrooms

18 June 2013

A new report by the federal government's Digital Education Advisory Group (DEAG) has stressed the importance of transforming teaching and learning through digital education.

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Food policies at your child's school

22 May 2013

Australian schools are getting more and more conscious about food policies, both to cater for children with allergies and to teach students about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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Victorian Government proposes new pathways within VCE and VCAL

02 May 2013

The Victorian Government has proposed three new study pathways that will be integrated into the VCE and VCAL qualifications.

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Steps to take if your child is having problems at school

23 April 2013

It's hard to know what to do when you notice that your child is having problems at school. Here we describe three of the most common problems faced by children at school and what you can do to help.

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Gonski school funding reform details released

16 April 2013

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has released her plan for school funding reform as part of the federal government's National Plan for School Improvement. Here we summarise the key details of the government's proposed new funding scheme.

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Secondary school experiences beyond the classroom

21 March 2013

In addition to academics, many schools offer opportunities for students to experience life outside the classroom and develop important personal qualities and life skills. You may wish to look out for these programs when selecting a school.

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The benefits of student exchange for your child

21 March 2013

If you are considering broadening your child's secondary school experience, what better way than through a student exchange?

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Choosing a school outside of your local area

22 February 2013

You have more than your fair share of decisions to make when choosing a school for your child, from its sector, gender and ethos, to some of the more practical considerations like location.

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Discussing tertiary education with your child

05 February 2013

If your child is coming up to their final years of secondary school, you may be wondering when you should begin discussing their post-school options and how.

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Private school fees soar in comparison between government, independent and Catholic schools

25 January 2013

Adding to ongoing discussion about the cost of education in Australia, figures released by the Australian Scholarships Group this week have highlighted the increasing cost of private schooling in comparison to government and Catholic schooling.

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What the Asian Century means for your child

16 January 2013

With Asia's rise on the world stage in what is being called the 'Asian Century', the Australian Government has released a White Paper listing a number of goals to be achieved by 2025. But what does this mean for your child?

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How to help your child prepare for the new school year

10 January 2013

Getting ready for a new school year can be daunting. To make the process a little easier, we've provided some tips to help you prepare your child for the new year.

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VCE results released

18 December 2012

Schools and students across the state of Victoria are celebrating their achievements as the 2012 VCE results are released.

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Top-five schooling systems goal in doubt after international tests

14 December 2012

Results of international reading, mathematics and science tests have shown that Australia's education standards are falling behind international benchmarks.

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Gonski school funding reform bill introduced to parliament

29 November 2012

The Australian Education Bill has been introduced to parliament in response to the Gonski review of school funding.

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When should children start school?

22 November 2012

Every now and then, questions arise about the right age for children to start school. Some worry about the best age for primary school entry, others about the maturity level required before children can (or should) progress to secondary school.

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How to help your child prepare for secondary school

08 November 2012

If your child is getting ready to make the move to secondary school, there are a few things you can do to ensure a smooth transition.

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Children and social media

22 October 2012

In light of negative publicity concerning children's social media use, it's important that you get acquainted with some of the risks involved and ensure that your child understands how to use social media safely.

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Single-sex versus coeducational schooling

04 October 2012

One of the biggest concerns (and sources of confusion!) for parents deciding where to send their children is whether to send them to a coeducational or single-sex school.

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How have the government's efforts to 'close the gap' affected education?

13 September 2012

A report released by the New South Wales Auditor-General has indicated that no significant progress has been made over the past ten years in terms of improving literacy among Indigenous students.

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Do Australian schools need more sport?

22 August 2012

With the Olympics having come to an end, media reports continue to discuss suggestions that there is too little emphasis on sport in Australian schools.

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How to help your child get ready for exams

14 August 2012

While there's no set way to provide the 'best' support base during exam time, rest assured that there are a number of ways in which you can help.

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Tips for career planning with your child

03 August 2012

As a parent, you play a vital role in helping your child sift through their career options. Read on for a few tips to help you approach the careers conversation.

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Coalition rejects Gonski reforms

31 July 2012

The Coalition Government has revealed that it will repeal any legislation passed to introduce the Gonski reforms if elected next year.

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Australian Curriculum update

17 July 2012

With the first phase of the Australian Curriculum underway, read on for an update of what's been happening in 2012.

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What is VET in Schools?

12 July 2012

Long gone are the days when getting a vocational education meant 'dropping out' of school before Year 12. These days, students can complete Vocational Education and Training (VET) as part of their senior secondary certificate.

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Victorian schools not meeting gifted students' needs

04 July 2012

The Victorian Parliament's Education and Training Committee released an inquiry into the education of gifted and talented students in late June. The committee found that, in its current state, gifted education is lacking in four main areas.

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Saving for a private education

19 June 2012

With private education costs constantly rising, finance experts have expressed that it is best to start saving as soon as you can. Read on to find out how and how much.

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What to do if your child is unhappy at school

05 June 2012

Like adults in the workplace, it's important to remember that your child will not always be happy at school... whether due to academic pressures, issues within friendship groups or inadequate support from teaching staff.

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Concerns over NAPLAN testing

21 May 2012

With NAPLAN testing over for the year, opposition against the testing regime continues.

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2012-13 federal budget education initiatives

11 May 2012

The announcement of the 2012-13 federal budget has seen a number of funding initiatives for Australian education, many of which will directly benefit families with children in school.

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How to choose a primary school

07 May 2012

Choosing a primary school can be difficult, especially if it is the first time you are making a decision about your child's education.

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The advantages and disadvantages of selective entry high schools

30 April 2012

Read on to find out the potential pros and cons of choosing a selective entry government school.

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How bullying is being eliminated in Australian schools

18 April 2012

The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) launched the National Safe Schools Framework in 2011 with the belief that all students should be able to learn and develop in safe and supportive environments.

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How the government is 'closing the gap' between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students

13 April 2012

The federal government's annual report detailing initiatives to close the gap between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous population has found that a number of the goals listed in the 2011 report have seen improvement.

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New South Wales to benefit from 200 additional teachers

19 March 2012

The New South Wales Government has announced a $24 million initiative to hire 200 additional teachers in 2012.

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NAPLAN National Report released

02 March 2012

The second stage of the 2011 NAPLAN testing results have been released, following the September release of the initial NAPLAN Summary Report and the distribution of individual student reports.

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Review of Funding for Schooling released

21 February 2012

The Review of Funding for Schooling has found that Australian schools are failing to get the best results for their students. It made several recommendations to reform school funding priorities at a total cost of $5 billion.

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Victorian primary schools welcome maths and science specialists

03 February 2012

Victorian government primary schools have welcomed 100 mathematics and science teaching specialists into classrooms in time for the new school year.

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Introducing Year 7 into Queensland's secondary schools

25 January 2012

The Queensland Government is working to bring the education system in line with the other states by moving Year 7 to the secondary school system.

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Mid-year VCE exams come to an end

23 December 2011

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority will scrap mid-year VCE exams in 2013.

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Results of NSW school obesity study released

05 December 2011

A study into the rates of obesity in school-aged children in NSW has revealed that obesity rates are holding steady at 23 per cent.

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The benefits of a gap year for your child

07 November 2011

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How to support your child through Year 12 exams

25 October 2011

As the end of the month draws near, so too do the end of year exams and stressful times for many Year 12 students and their parents.

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Students to trial VCE thesis subject

12 October 2011

Up to 15 Victorian schools will next year be trialling a proposed new thesis subject for Year 12 VCE students.

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Changes to National School Chaplaincy Program

03 October 2011

The Australian Government has announced that it will be introducing changes to the National School Chaplaincy Program.

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2011 NAPLAN results look promising

23 September 2011

The preliminary results from the 2011 NAPLAN tests are looking promising, with more than 90 per cent of students who took part in the literacy and numeracy testing meeting the minimum national standard.

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NSW delays national curriculum

21 September 2011

The NSW Government has announced that it will delay its implementation of the national curriculum until 2014.

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Victorian Government cuts $12 million from VCAL

06 September 2011

There are fears that some Victorian schools may have to axe the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) option for Year 11 and 12 students.

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Languages in Victorian schools

29 July 2011

The Baillieu government is threatening to deviate from the new national curriculum over its downplaying of language teaching.

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Appointment of new Digital Education Advisory Group

22 July 2011

The Commonwealth Government has announced the formation of a Digital Education Advisory Group made up of leading education and IT experts, which will strive to pave the way for incorporating new technology into the classroom.

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Australian Government review of school funding

15 July 2011

Schools across Australia are set for change as a result of the current Review of Funding for Schooling, the first comprehensive review that the nation has undergone since 1973.

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Religion in Victorian Government schools

06 July 2011

In recent months Victoria has been in uproar over the issue of religious education in government schools.

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Maths and science initiatives to be cut

30 June 2011

Victoria's $57 million maths and sciences coaches program will be discontinued at the end of the year as part of the $441 million in cuts to be made to the education budget over the next four years.

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Cyber bullying in schools

15 June 2011

Schools, parents and children in Melbourne and across the country are struggling to deal with the effects of cyber bullying.

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Victorian schools go green

26 May 2011

As Australia and the world begins to implement a range of green measures to protect the environment and promote sustainable living, Victorian schools are doing the same.

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NAPLAN tests may go online

18 May 2011

As this year's NAPLAN tests took place in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 classrooms around Australia, the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) confirmed that is investigating the possibility of offering the tests online in the future.

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2010 NAPLAN results released

01 May 2011

The results from the 2010 national literacy and numeracy tests (NAPLAN), conducted across Australia in May last year, have been released.

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iPads in Victorian secondary schools

29 April 2011

The Victorian Government is trialling Apple's iPad in a number of schools to guage how tablet technology impacts on students, teachers and parents.

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